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  1. Window Motor replacement - which one to choose?

    I've never had a motor fail. It is always the cable, pully system that fails. I've replaced the originals, 3 of them on my LeSabre. I go for the cheap ones. I haven't had any replacements fail yet. It takes about twenty minutes, tops. Don't forget to lubricate the window gaskets! Use a lithium...
  2. Are 2003 and 2004 Buick LeSabre parts the same?

    Almost positive they are the same. What did you find?
  3. Aftermarket axle nut torque???

    I did this repair, put a new hub on the front of my LeSabre. I torqued to 118 ft pds. and have had flawless results. Yes, use a new spindle bolt. When changing hub, new hub bolts recommended as well.
  4. Wheel bearing brand

    ACDELCO FW293 from Rock Auto. Never did it before in my life. It took me a couple of hours. I watched videos on YouTube. A1auto has a really good video on it. Be sure to buy a new spindle nut, and new hub bolts are recommended. That was 27k miles ago. No problems whatsoever! this is absolutely a...
  5. Need help with my Buick LeSabre

    sounds like you have multiple issues. The transmission may need to have the fluid changed, also the TPS can cause shifting issues. the overheating could be because you need the coolant changed, maybe a new water pump. Mass Air Flow sensor can be cleaned. Be sure to use M.A.F. Cleaner ONLY. other...
  6. i need the torque spec for 1994 buick lesabre 3.8 upper intake manifold

    Haynes Repair Manual, 1994 upper intake bolts: 132 Inch Pounds. OR 11 Foot Pounds.
  7. Motor Mount/Axle Issues

    I don't have any experience with your situation. But I have heard that the front motor mount is the one that causes the most problems.
  8. What are your thoughts'?

    I keep my Cover on , to protect it from michigan salt and other crap from the road. I cannot believe what a mess the salt made one day last year. Salt all over the place, even on the ignition coils. it was all over the inside of my engine bay. I don't know anything about mufflers.
  9. What is your mileage?

    157,000. 2004 Limited. Was having some hard shifting, code 1811's and I put in a TransGo Shift Kit. RUNS LIKE a NEW CAR now. I can't believe it!
  10. Evap solenoid code check engine light on,

    There's a solenoid in the engine compartment, on top in front, and then there's one at the back, just above the driver's side rear axle. Gas cap can also set off a evap leak code. The one on top of the engine, in front is normally closed, so you can check it by taking it off and try to blow...
  11. Does No Code mean No Problem?

    SO, in case anyone's interested, I put in the TransGo shift kit. AMAZING. It drives like a BRAND NEW CAR. I still can't get over it. Drives like a dream, is buttery smooth. I put in a new filter, and two new magnets that the GM bulletin recommends placing. I also put in a Dorman pan with a drain...
  12. 05 Add Homelink

    not 100% what you are swapping, but I took the whole headliner out of my 2004 LeSabre last year to replace the fabric. The Map light console is pretty much the first thing you take down, and the last thing you put together. I forget how it mounts exactly, but there is an electrical connector...
  13. Does No Code mean No Problem?

    That makes a lot of sense guys! Thank you for your imput! :cool:
  14. Engine cradle ROTTED?

    If you can get the bolts out, try doing the washer thing that Cadillac_Al said. The bolts are probably rusted and seized in there. They may even be rusted in half. If the car is that rusted, it's probably a lost cause.
  15. 2005 Buick Le Sabre Headliner problems. Need advice!

    I did this project last year. I bought the headliner fabric from JoAnne's fabric really cheap. The 3M headliner adhesive. you will need 2 cans of that. Be CAREFUL. when placing the fabric. Wherever it TOUCHES is where it WILL BE permanantly. This glue will not allow you to adjust the fabric...
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