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  1. P303 code

    Thanks guys. In this case it was specific to cylinder 3. Almost burned in half spark plug wire was found to be the culprit. Needless to say it wasn’t running well.
  2. P303 code

    Is a cylinder 3 misfire code truly accurate as a definite cylinder or can it be a generic code for other issues? 2002 3.1
  3. Power Steering Pump

    Paydirt! Didn’t like the idea of a pry bar but it worked. Why should you need a pry bar though? Very little tolerances on that thing coming out. Not a very nice removal but it’s out.
  4. Power Steering Pump

    Wow, do I have to remove the alternator, upper intake, and fuel rail and then pry it out with a crow bar?
  5. Power Steering Pump

    That’s what I thought. It moves an inch or so up and back and forth but that’s it.
  6. Power Steering Pump

    3.1 2002 Century. Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated
  7. Power Steering Pump

    How do I get this thing out? It’s hung up and I can’t even pry it up and off no matter what I do.
  8. Broken Petcock

    I have a 1997 Lesabre with the petcock pictured. It's in a great (NOT) place to work on it hid in a rail. I cant even see the opening on the damn thing. Taking out the radiator to replace the petcock just doesn't make much sense. I'm even thinking of cutting a chunk out the rail to see up in...
  9. Dying Nightmare

    2003 Lesabre, 200,000 miles, 3.8 engine (obviously). Start it up and it runs fine. Drives fine, accelerates fine, idles fine, no issues. Once it gets up to temperature, it stalls and dies while driving down the road. It then wont start or run well. In order for it to start the accelerator...
  10. 2002 Century. Another Fast Signal/ Blink Thread

    This car is my son's 2002 Buick Century with 171,000 miles. I know he's replaced the rear blinker bulb as it was out about two months ago, but as far as I know, that's all he's done with the lights or the car in the past. This month, he goes to get the car inspected and it won't pass because...
  11. 3800 Code 41

    From one problem to the next. Maybe it's time to know that I've been beat and junk it. 1990 Lesabre with 150,000 miles on the ticker. Check engine light is on all the time. Car has no power chugs and misses terribly if putting any coal to it whatsoever. Sometimes it surges here and there...
  12. What The??????

    What is going on with my 1990 Lesabre? It has 145,000 miles and has just started giving me some serious grief. Driving 75 mph down the road, it starts coughing and missing something fierce. Sometimes it will die and has a fairly hard time restarting in neutral. If I completely stop, put...
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