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  1. 2012 Black Grille on 2011?

    I had to stop the other day (dealer was closed) and put them side by side. I hate the 2012 hood! I have a 2011 to7 and have a chrome grille. I LOVE the new black/dark grey grille on the 2012. WILL IT FIT??? I do not like the car id .com grill, looks too 300ish for me.
  2. XM Weather not working?

    2011 To7. xm weather not working and keeps saying: updating, may take a few minutes - but it never updates and now I cant see my weather and I think the traffic is not updating either?? Should I call onstar or xm??
  3. led license plate bulbs?

    Anyone change out their license plate bulbs yet for led type yet? I like the whiteish blue hue on the lexuses. My hubby has a light strip on his srt-4 but it is cheesy. I want just the bulbs which are a 194 type & easy to replace. So much online where to start?
  4. Washer fluid on 2011 regal?

    Dumb question but I cant find the answer on here: What type of washer fluid does everybody use for the new 2011 regal? I love the sprayers but wondered if the car came with the usual "Blue stuff" or is it a special GM potion that makes the sprayers just mist like they do.
  5. Serivce suspension soon light on

    Sorry you are totally wrong - its not a firmware update and it doesnt need to "settle in" its a MALFUNCTION LIGHT! i appreciate the input but you should not state things if you dont know what you are talking about.
  6. Serivce suspension soon light on

    Hello I am a new regal owner. 2011 T07. 1 month old, 1200 miles on car now. Service suspension soon light came on this morning and has not turned off yet by itself like others have on these forums. I am very concerned as the car is brand new and I already have a problem. Is this common issue...
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