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  1. Anyone Use Carvana, Carmax etc to Sell?

    Thanks - will check them out.
  2. Anyone Use Carvana, Carmax etc to Sell?

    Well, after pretty much driving manuals my whole life (except for a couple company cars - not offered in MT) it is darn near impossible to find a current non-sports car with a manual. And sports cars too! So, I am skipping the AT to go to no tranny and a Tesla Model Y. I am not an SUV person...
  3. Anyone Use Carvana, Carmax etc to Sell?

    it is Carbon Black. No tune or aftermarket.
  4. Anyone Use Carvana, Carmax etc to Sell?

    here is a pic from May. Timing chains have never been done. Don't believe that to be a maintenance item thus far, correct?
  5. Anyone Use Carvana, Carmax etc to Sell?

    On a private party sale, I would think $5-6K - which actually is on the lower side of KBB estimate range. From the services, I had quotes as low as $1700 (Vroom). Others in the range 0f $3200 to $4000 IIRC. When I look at market prices from sellers online (AutoTrader, Car Gurus) I am seeing...
  6. Anyone Use Carvana, Carmax etc to Sell?

    While I love my Regal Turbo - and it's manual transmission - I am going to moving on after nearly 10 years and 94K miles. The car has been relatively problem free. I am either going to sell the car myself or use one of the services like Carmax, Carvana, Vroom. To test pricing, all the services...
  7. Longest item fit inside cabin?

    I have some very long oak transition strips (for flooring) from Lumber Liquidators in mine,
  8. Water in rear door

    Nice catch...I'll need to play that in the Pick 4 Lottery! :)
  9. Water in rear door

    removed the rubber bit and it was clogged with crud. Cleaned it up and holes all opened.. Should be good to go.
  10. Water in rear door

    I was driving yesterday and notices the sound of sloshing water in turns. Today, I went to put a coat in the back seat and when opening and closing the rear passenger door that I hear water sloshing about. I am going to look for drains on the door bottoms tomorrow to see if there is a clog. I...
  11. A wagon to lust after now that GM has forsaken us

    My wife purchased a Mercedes A220 after the Verano was totalled. It has one of the best integrated displays, IMHO. The new Caddies, as shown above, appear also well done.
  12. The end of the Regal and TourX, says another site

    I like the CT5 but as soon as I price to where I would like it built - there are better options. I, too, prefer sedans but there really is nothing in the GM stable that piques my interest other than the CT5. Still like my Regal T and I know it is likely my last manual, so am hanging on. After my...
  13. Help, I'm having parts problems

    I do think it is really poor how GM allowed the parts issue to occur. they can blame it on the strike but the supply chain issue was there before the strike if you follow the timeline. I also think owners are trying to keep it hush to preserve resale. For me, my car is 9 years old so mostly...
  14. Help, I'm having parts problems

    Many of the parking decks have strong inclines and or you need to leave a valet to park it. Don't need the risk.
  15. Help, I'm having parts problems

    I had issues with my previous generation Regal. I could not get a parking brake cable which I learned had already been out of stock for 4 months or more at that time. It was available nowhere in the US or Europe. Having a manual, it meant placing wheel chocks under the wheels when parking. I...
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