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  1. Driver belt tensioner

    Unless you want to do this repair again very soon, do yourself a huge favor and go to the dealer and get the correct o-rings. The aftermarket ones leak, which could be due to slight under sizing, or second rate materials, or both. I paid close to $7 each, at the dealer, for my o-rings, but for...
  2. New Participant, Old Buick owner

    Welcome! I like the Buick history. Your experience will be an asset to the members.
  3. new member first time Buick owner

    Welcome! Love the original Buick wagon.
  4. 99 LeSabre starts but then dies after 2 this a security system issue?

    Yes, it most likely is related to the security system. The security system shuts off the fuel pump. To bring things back into sync, you will need a scan tool, or to bring it somewhere with a scan tool, for them to reset it.
  5. First and Last

    Since the problems you mentioned are all electrical in nature, you should give the grounding straps special attention. I had the flexible grounding straps on one of my GM trucks fray and separate, and it caused multiple electrical failures on different systems for months, until the GM truck...
  6. 2004 buick lasabre limited

    Sounds like maybe your thermostat sensor went bad and allowed the needle to climb all the way to Hot, and now it is mechanically stuck. You might check some of the threads here on how to service your gauge cluster, and open up the plexi covering to see if the needle will move freely.
  7. Wiper arm and cowling issues

    The wiper arm is a bolt on design. You have to remove the rubberized cap on the pivot point to expose the nut. You won't need a puller. Just up and down rocking of the arm base section will walk it off the tapered threads. It is under spring tension, so expect it to kick a little when it is...
  8. AC losing cooling - much faster than before

    Following with interest. My PAU leaks refrigerant quickly now too. I was told by a mechanic to not use the freon with sealant in it, as it plugs up the screen in one of the a/c components (I forgot which one he said). Unlike yours, mine has no obvious oil leakage markings. With your...
  9. 2003 Buick LaSabre

    Welcome Ryan! You’ll find all you need to know about your LeSabre here on this forum. If you are the slightest bit mechanically inclined, the info here will help you save money on any future repairs. Sal is right. You don’t see a lot of older Buicks in Florida. I was puzzled by it too Here’s...
  10. Postcard from OnStar

    The dealer was probably talking about what’s referred to as a top engine cleaner, to decarbon the intake manifold, head passages, and valves. These cleaners are administered into the intake system *after* the throttle body, by using a port somewhere on the manifold. Some engine designs carbon...
  11. power seat verticle motor in rear jammed on 2007 lucerne

    I’ve long since lost track of the thread, but I believe there is a thread on here which directs members to a source that was making these gears for sale, out of metal. Even with 3D printing, I can’t imagine layered material being strong enough to stand up to the extreme torque loaded on these...
  12. power seat verticle motor in rear jammed on 2007 lucerne

    This happened on our PAU. Although the motors were getting power, the screw rod had come partially out of the threaded bushing, and jammed when we tried to return the seat forward. Our solution was to remove the seat, and disassemble the power mechanism, then, reassembling with the screw rod...
  13. Top Swap for Supercharger L36 to L67

    Probably the two main obstacles you will have is 1) The compression ratio of the N/A engine is higher. Pressurizing that will more easily cause detonation, and 2) You will need to remap the ECU to change how much fuel is delivered at a given rpm and load. You may be able to buy the ECU from...
  14. Which side hub???

    Replace them both. The other one is not far behind. Ask me how I know — Ha!
  15. Wheel bearing brand

    I’ve used Timken, and SKF. They are both disappointing. Another thread on here recently mentioned Detroit Axle brand. I need a new set for my PAU, so I’m going to look into the Detroit Axle quality and reviews.
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