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  1. GMPP vs. K&N vs. ZZPerformance Intake LHU

    The stock intake is well designed on these cars. It is free flowing and draws cool air from in front of the radiator. Honestly, I don't think there is anything to gain from an intake upgrade alone (I agree with what you've found in your research). Also, the transfer function of the MAF sensor...
  2. 2012 2.0T Car randomly dies, bucks/stutters.

    If P00C7 is setting consistently, what do all of your pressure sensors read at key-on/engine-off? P00C7 should only set if the various pressure sensors (intake manifold, boost and barometric) don't equal each other within 10 kPa during a time when they should, such as key-on/engine-off. That...
  3. Inconsistent boost?

    In my experience, turbochargers are very often blamed for performance problems, but very rarely are the actual problem. I agree with the above suggestions, especially to go after the variable camshaft position control solenoids first. Those are a super common failure mode of these engines, and...
  4. Humming sound coming from the rear

    With so many reports of failed bearings on these Regals, and the fact that I used to track my car (which seemed like it would put a lot more stress on them), I ordered a spare 4 years ago... it's still sitting on my shelf.
  5. 2012 buick regal GS problems

    There is a vacuum tank and vacuum lines and a solenoid to control it. My guess would be a crack in the vacuum tank or lines. I'm a bit surprised a dealer couldn't find that... but not totally surprised. Usually the first step a dealer mechanic takes is to 'reproduce the problem'... if it...
  6. Humming sound coming from the rear

    I don't know about the LaCrosse, but the Regal has a TSB where now they put in a shield of some sort to help protect the rear bearing from salt/sand/splash/etc. So they sort of did something...
  7. Brembo brakes

    Mine is a '12, FWD only in that year. Lowering might help. I had that on my list of things to do if I were going to keep tracking the Regal, but decided instead to change my 'track car' to something else and keep the Regal as my daily driver, so I never got around to it. Good luck.
  8. Brembo brakes

    A mod I can believe... anything can be done. If you like the look, I'd say go for it, but I wouldn't do it for the performance aspect. I tracked my Regal HARD and the rear brakes do pretty much nothing... the CG is so high on these cars that under hard braking the rear tires are practically...
  9. Brembo brakes

    My '12 is front Brembo only. I, too, have never heard of a Regal having rear Brembo brakes. Looking at a few on-line sources for brake pads or replacement calipers, I can't find any Brembo rear parts (pads or replacement calipers). I also remember some of the auto magazines poking fun at the...
  10. Wavetrac Limited Slip Differential Group Buy

    Wavetrac did agree to sell me mine direct with no group buy, but I had to pay full suggested retail IIRC. But that was still cheaper than buying it from overseas from the one place that sells them (ironically named Regal Autosport... they have no idea what a Buick Regal is). I did talk...
  11. How to Remove Steel Braided Line From Valve Cover to Turbo

    Remove the bolt then wiggle and pull until it comes loose... I think you guys are on to it (sounds like NHGuy managed to do it). The reason GM made it very difficult to remove those lines is because the EPA requires that the entire PCV system be 'tamper proof' or that it be monitored for...
  12. 2012 2.0t regal

    Catalyst warm up mode. Cam and spark timing is adjusted to make the engine as inefficient as possible to maximize exhaust temperature and get the catalyst up to operating temperature as fast as possible. The turbo sounds weird during this mode, but it's normal.
  13. Performance parts for 2012 GS?

    I wonder if anyone from this thread still has their Regal 6 years later?
  14. Looking at Regals

    For most of the '12 MY, GM had not yet figured out how to get 'Intellilink' and navigation to work together, so you got one of the other. Most GS's seem to have navigation, which I think was bundled with the sun-roof. In any case, make sure the infotainment is acceptable to her... '13 was a...
  15. 2012 2.0t Regal loud air noise at cold start

    It is the engine running in 'catalyst warm up mode'. The camshafts and ignition timing are adjusted to essentially make the engine as 'inefficient' as possible.. that means more heat out the exhaust to get the catalyst up to temperature faster so it can do its job. It is, indeed, normal.