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  1. Override Passive/automatic Locking?

    Every so often I'd like to leave the car unlocked as I walk away, does anyone know of a way to temporarily override the passive locking?
  2. WeatherTech FloorLiners

    They are a little flat, I'm not sure how much water they will hold.... Just kidding! I couldn't resist adding the coasters to my order! I do think they will hold a lot. They fit well and secure to the OE floor mat pegs. I had to stand on the snaps in the car to snap them in...
  3. De-badged

    Just finished and had to share with you all! What do you think? It took a lot longer than I expected, but the last car I did had 12 year old emblems. These things are stick-y! Wash, heat, Goo-Gone 100x, de-grease, wash, clay, swirl remover, wax, post online, go to bed!
  4. eNav no longer works with Google Maps

    Just got off the phone with OnStar who verified that eNav has discontinued compatibility with Google maps, it's mapQuest only now. :(
  5. No Homelink, no problem!

    I have previously lamented the lack of a built-in garage door opener in my brand new, options-packed vehicle. Not wanting to look at my clicker on the visor for one more day, I took things into my own hands with some Velcro tape. It's the perfect spot! From the driver's seat I can't even see...
  6. Painted my "eye sore" muffler!

    Painted my "eyesore" muffler I really hate having the rear end of an otherwise nice looking vehicle spoiled by a nasty, galvanized/bare steel muffler hanging into view. A perfect example: Ugh, someone please hide those! Even my poor Verano suffered from this affliction: A few...
  7. Premium Exterior Appearance Package

    Anyone opt for this package? The website describes the chrome waterfall grille, but how is that different from the standard chrome grille mine has? My dealer didn't have any with that package installed to see. I'd love to see some (owner-taken) photos!
  8. No garage opener!?!?

    What is this, 1992? :blink: I assumed that was a standard feature, or at least available... now I'm stuck using the remote like a caveman! grrrrr /rant off But seriously, this does seems like an oversight.
  9. Speedometer Button?

    Does anyone know what the little button to the left of the speedo does? For the life of me, I can't figure its function out!
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