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  1. Numerical values in DIC

    Weird that you aren't seeing an option for Oil Pressure. The manuals for the 2018/2019 TourX/Sportback mention the base level DIC including an oil pressure reading.
  2. Numerical values in DIC

    Oil pressure is available on my 2016 GS with the LTG 4-cylinder. Maybe they didn't think it was worth creating a gauge for the smaller screened gauge cluster on the non-GS cars or more than likely cost cutting.
  3. LED bulb recommendations for rear turn signal/stoplights?

    Thank you for finding these and sharing with us. I've been looking for 7440 bulbs that don't require resistors for my 2016 Regal as the blinkers are incandescent as well. Going to order these and give them a shot.
  4. Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coat Installed

    Awesome write up! Looks like you found an amazing shop to get everything installed for you. I got PPF installed (front bumper, hood, headlights, fenders, mirrors, and rockers) in May 2017 and a ceramic coating (Opti-Coat) in September 2017. It's definitely an investment but like you mentioned...
  5. Broken shifter knob

    Might find some more information about replacing it by yourself here: Broken Shift Button Looks like quite a few other people are experiencing the same failure as well.
  6. What did you do to your Regal today?

    I have to replace the Buick logo slides in my puddle light projectors every six to seven months or so. Would be nice if there was a projector light that was more reliable.
  7. 2014 LaCrosse - how to know what trim level

    You have a highly optioned Leather trim. Usually those wheels come on the Premium I trim. Glad you were able to figure it out!
  8. 2014 LaCrosse - how to know what trim level

    Usually the easiest way to tell between the Leather and Premium trims are the wheels. Which style wheels do you have on your LaCrosse?
  9. Tire replacement time -- leaning toward summer tires (Southwest US)

    I live in Wisconsin so I do swap them out in the fall/spring. I've driven them on a few 40 degree mornings since getting them put on and didn't have any issues.
  10. Tire replacement time -- leaning toward summer tires (Southwest US)

    I highly recommend Firestone Indy 500's. They are a summer only tire but are great in the rain and provide better braking and handling than the all season tires that came with my Regal. It's my second spring/summer with them on and I continue to be impressed with them. However, even a high...
  11. 2020 Regal Sportback/TourX - What's New

    That is the wheel used on the base model LaCrosse. Probably just a mistake like 4wheelforay mentioned. Otherwise, they could be using up extra stock ;).
  12. Spring Mods

    Very nice! Can't wait to get my summers on in a couple weeks. I have the Indy 500's as well. Great tire for the price!
  13. 2019 GS First 800 miles thoughts

    Very interesting. Such a weird omission. BTW that picture you posted is such a good angle of the GS. Gorgeous car! What did you have done that they gave you a CTS loaner? I've never been offered a loaner ever lol. How does it compare to the GS handling wise? I always regretted not...
  14. 2019 GS First 800 miles thoughts

    It's really sad to see they got rid of some of these simple things such as the interior trunk release, 20" wheel option, physical recirculation button, or extending visors on the 2018+. My 2016 has all of these things. I guess these were the things that couldn't make the budget considering you...
  15. Remote Start

    The basic OnStar plan used to give you 5 years of the remote start via the app but I just recently found out they don't offer that feature on their free plan anymore after discussing it with a coworker who recently got a new car. You have to pay a minimum of $14.99/month to get it now.
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