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  1. What did you do to your Regal today?

    I had the Indy 500's on my Regal this past summer and they were exceptional. For what rain we did have they did performance very well in those conditions (they are highly rated in wet conditions). I was initially going to go for Michelin Pilot Sport 4S' but the price on the Indy 500's was too...
  2. Did the fuse pull last night

    It's really a shame the transmission programming isn't better. Turning off traction control and stability control makes the transmission as smooth as butter.
  3. GS bumper exhaust outlets - cleaning

    Meguiars Heavy Cut Metal Polish and 0000 Super Fine Steel Wool will take it right off.
  4. 2016 Regal GS

    I absolutely love my 2016 GS. I only have 16k miles but I haven't had any issues so far. I put nearly 20k miles on my previous 2014 GS with no issues either. Aside from a few outsiders these cars seem very reliable. You'll love the sportiness of the GS coming from a LaCrosse.
  5. Paddle shifters for GS

    The 9-5 Aero steering wheel doesn't have the 4 way control for the GS gauge cluster screen, heated steering wheel button, and even if the 9-5 had adaptive cruise control it doesn't have the distance configuration button like the GS' has. Even if you got it to work you'd be adding one feature...
  6. Wanted WTB!!! Buick Regal GS 20' PVD wheels

    I tried to find a used/re-manufactured set of 20's last year around this time and didn't have much luck. I ended up buying a brand new set online from a GM parts re-seller. Of course, a few months later multiple sets of used 20's showed up for significantly cheaper :rolleyes:. You basically...
  7. Take the deal from BMW or Keep it? Hmm....🤔

    I'd keep the Buick and ditch the BMW but I might be biased...;) Honestly, if the Regal is just sitting around not being used there really isn't any benefit to keeping it around. It's simply just losing more value as time goes by. PS - How do you like your ceramic coating? I had mine done in...
  8. Installed new 6000K HID bulbs

    I've always wanted to swap the stock bulbs for these: D3S - Philips WhiteVision gen2 HID Bulbs | 42403WHV2C1 Was replacing them complicated or did you just have issues because of the lack of space?
  9. Anyone have these lights installed ?

    The bottom picture you posted is probably closer to the color light they would output. Maybe the top photo is edited to show the detail of the lights better?
  10. 20" barrel cleanup

    I fully clean my wheels every 6 months when they come off for the winter/spring. So far they have cleaned up with just soap and water with a mitt. Although both sets of my wheels are ceramic coated. BTW Black Cherry looks amazing in the sun! :love:
  11. 14+ Intellilink Updates?

    Android Auto was included in your navigation map update? I thought these updates would be separate.
  12. 2017 Buick Regal Seat Sucks

    Ah ok. I haven't ever sat in the seats in the premium. The seats in the GS are different and have a lot more bolstering to hold you in better while going around corners. They are fantastic. However, they are not the AGR sport seats, those are in the 2018+ GS.
  13. 2016 Regal GS Heated steering wheel

    I don't believe the steering wheel will come on automatically with remote start. I'm pretty sure this is a feature that was added into some newer GM products though.
  14. 2017 Buick Regal Seat Sucks

    Not sure if you have a GS or not but in my opinion the seats are amazing. When I had a LaCrosse the seats from the GS were one of the things I missed.
  15. How to remove light scratches on GS 20" wheels ?

    The 20's are clear coated. I would try a polish or compound that you would use on your paint to try and remove the scratches.