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  1. Need Help Finding Rear Brake Lines

    The rear brake lines on my '03 PAU finally rusted badly, and one is slowly leaking, so I will replace them both. They are leaking near the ABS unit, just after the flex coupling, although the portion attaching to the ABS unit is also rusty, so it has to be replaced too. I cannot find a source...
  2. Well Preserved in Iowa

    This is not my vehicle, but thought the Roadmaster group ought to know about it:
  3. Someone May Be Interested

    This popped up on our local CL listings. Hopefully, a Buick enthusiast will buy this. They were somewhat awkward years for Buick, but they retained as much style and power as GM allowed. I had a ‘75, almost identical to this one. 1976 Gray Buick LeSabre
  4. Sal - Method For Reporting Spam

    Sal, I'm not seeing a method to alert you to spam post, like the two previous posts. What is the best method to report these to you?
  5. Power Seat Stuck Forward

    Just when everything was working well... My front power passenger seat in my '03 PAU is stuck in the forward, or upright, position. I moved it forward to get a large package in the back seat and now when I move the button to tilt it back, I just hear and feel a "clunk" underneath the seat, but...
  6. Flaking Chrome

    The chrome is flaking off my Ultra rims. They are not scratched or damaged in any way. I read that there is a service bulletin on this. Will Buick replace my rims?
  7. Recommend a Sensor Supplier?

    I need to replace the steering column position sensor on my 2003 Ultra. Does anyone know where I can buy one, except the dealer? I've been searching the web, but no luck so far. Thanks for your help.
  8. What is "Rep Power"?

    What does it mean when it ways "Rep Power" on the users header? Does it mean a tie, or association, to a particular company? How do we know what those companies are? What is the advantage of having Rep Power? Thanks in advance for your responses.