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  1. Mackiesback

    2011 factory shop manuals

    I was cleaning the garage today and realized I still have these manuals and I no longer have the car. First one to claim them can have them for my shipping charges once we are no longer in lockdown. They are kind of heavy but I think they will probably be under twenty bucks shipping.
  2. Mackiesback

    Intake valve cleaning

    Any of you dorect injected guys doing the intake valve cleaning? If so, what are you using and at what mileage intervals?
  3. Mackiesback

    2017 Turbo tuner options.

    Just picked up my first turbo regal and some chat about performance upgrades got me thinking about tuners. I have a superchips for my old Dodge Ram that is great. It’s basically like and OBD II reader with tunes it it. Very easy to back and forth from stock to tuned back to stock for dealer...
  4. Mackiesback

    Apple Car Play and the Waze app

    For some Eason in my 2017 Premium II, when using the Waze App, the MPH display readout list my speed as approximately half of the speed I am driving. I unplugged the phone, turned on Waze and it was accurate when disconnected. When I plugged it back in, the car display was accurate for a short...
  5. Mackiesback

    Some 2017 Regal questions

    1. Does this vehicle require or benefit from premium fuel? 2.0, turbo 2. Does this vehicle hold 5 or 6 quarts? 3 Non Bose system, has anybody tried aftermarket speakers? Recommendation? Worth it?
  6. Mackiesback

    2011 Regal CXL Brake pads

    So, went to a GM OEM parts site that has pretty good prices on OE parts. They list front brake pads for my 2011 2.4 CXL at a "discounted" price of $121 bucks, showing list price at $216. Looking at general parts stores, this is waaaay higher that pads from O'Reilly or Zone. How come such a big...
  7. Mackiesback

    Dear Buick owner

    You are being notified there is a recall is a defect on your 2011 Regal. There is wiring under the seat that my rub or chafe, exposing bare wiring to metal parts, resulting in possible shorts, sparks, erratic behavior from your seat assembly and dash, and possible smoke and/or fire in the cabin...
  8. Mackiesback

    2011 2.4 Brake work at the dealer today

    So, I dropped my car off at the dealer because I have a rear caliper hanging up a little and I don't have the tool to rotate the caliper pistons when pushing them back in, and the dealer was reasonable in parts prices on everything except brake pads. Going to the OEM sites, the pads sell for...
  9. Mackiesback

    2011 2.4 Hard Starting

    Just checking out there to see if anybody has had the same..... 2011 2.4 CXL, often with a cold start, it takes 5-10 seconds of cranking before starting. Other times, not. Fresh plugs Monday at 71k miles, no codes, etc. Doesn't always do it. Fuel pump, perhaps? Any other ideas?
  10. Mackiesback

    2011 Battery Replacement

    It has been a little chilly up here, and was surprised about how slow my car cranked over last night. It made me realize that my battery is 5 years old and probably due for replacement. Any advice? It's a 2011 2.4 car. I hear that you can attached a Battery Tender to the cables to avoid losing...
  11. Mackiesback

    Rear View Mirror

    OK, I hate these auto dimming mirrors. They just aren't very effective IMO. It's too cold here to work on the car, but in anticipation of some fabrication in the spring, I purchased a regular mirror from a 2014 Malibu off of ebay with the idea of fitting it to my 2011. The question I have is...
  12. Mackiesback

    GPS Rear view mirror

    Many of you guys with the newer better equipped models might no be able to answer this, but I have an older model, and some questions. I have seen rear view mirrors in the aftermarket that have GPS built in, backup cameras built in etc. I would really be interested in a rearview mirror with GPS...
  13. Mackiesback

    Is this forum locking up for you guys?

    Honestly, I had to apple-option-escape four times this morning just to look at the chain of threads. If I try and scroll before the billion ads are loaded, it just freezes everything. I would pay to make the ads go away, but $50 a year for a non-turbo guy is pretty damn steep, more money than...
  14. Mackiesback

    HVAC smell

    My 2011 has find of a funky smell when you turn on the heater/ac. Didn't notice it so much in the winter at all, but now that spring has sprung, it's there, especially with the AC. It's almost kind of a vinegar smell. Someone told me this was kind of normal with the new refrigerants they use...
  15. Mackiesback

    2011 Standard Stereo Speaker options

    Got the non-HK, want to brighten it up a little bit. Don't want a sub, or an aftermarket head unit, which means speaker upgrades. Not a ton of info out there, not even sure if the door speakers are 4 ohm (if not, that would explain the dearth of info out there), just looking at speaker options...
  16. Mackiesback

    Auto Dim Mirror

    Greetings Gang. New to me Buick owner as of two weeks ago, 2011 black on black 2.4 model. Quick question, what is everyone's opinion on the auto dimming rear view mirror? Mine seems to barely dim, it's much too bright for my tastes. Any thoughts out there?