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  1. adam728

    No way to turn on just rear reading lights?

    Anyone find that the rear lights cannot be turned on? Manual says they push to turn on just like the fronts. Mine absolutely do not. Can't belive I am 2 years into ownership and never noticed. Mine are in the headliner and are just lenses over lights. Zero way for them to click, detent, etc...
  2. adam728

    Universal Home Remote Programming

    2018 here. No problem programming mine. 1 button is our door, the other 2 are set to other family's doors.
  3. adam728

    Buick Recall Seems to Reset Trifecta Tune

    Drive at a constant throttle and toggle cruise control on/off. Stock, should do nothing. If Trifecta tune is in, it will be a notable jump as the pedal position reported to the ECM is different between the two (so car will want to accelerate when cruise is turned off, and nearly cost when turned...
  4. adam728

    Trifecta Tune and Pedal Commander........

    Due to the torque limiting in the transmission module there isn't a great deal of difference in power in 1st and 2nd gear. Throttle is more linear, shifting is improved, but boost is still the ~19 psi as stock, but doesn't fall off as badly at high rpm (stock I'd see it drop to 11-12 psi, tuned...
  5. adam728

    TourX trunks additional space

    I believe that's the keyless entry antenna. Hasn't budged on me yet, and I don't always drive nice. Braked hard enough this morning for a deer to get ABS going. It is just thick enough I think the cover lightly pinches it.
  6. adam728

    TourX trunks additional space

    I keep a toolkit tossed up there. Like one of these:
  7. adam728

    Rising gas prices???

    Gas dropping fast in Michigan as well too. Locally we peaked around $5.30/gallon for regular, and I just saw it was $3.61 this morning. +60 cents for 93 octane. I'll take it. Picking up my father's truck & camper tomorrow. Be putting about 1500 miles on it next week. He's thinking 10 mpg. I am...
  8. adam728

    Tourx fuel economy

    13,791 miles logged. Average 25.0 mpg (via trip miles/gallons filled). Display works out to shows 26.4 mpg. Best tank was 29.5 / 31.5 mpg (calc'd / display). 4,815 miles logged towing a trailer. Average 24.4 / 25.5 mpg (calc'd / display). My data is sort of biased in a few ways. As is...
  9. adam728

    Park sensor

    New shifter assembly ordered. Will be replaced under warranty. Hopefully done tomorrow or Friday. Not that it matters much, riding the 55 mpg motorcycle to work most days anyway (which ends up a wash in savings, as I often take many more miles on the commute).
  10. adam728

    Park sensor

    Dropped my car off last night for this issue. First happened a little over a week ago, and a wiggle of the shifter cleared the message. 3 days ago it took lots of shifting, wiggling the shifter, etc to clear it. Yesterday it would not clear. Car was in park and engine off, but everything stays...
  11. adam728

    Saw my first TourX in the wild today.

    Found my twin in Frankenmuth Michigan today.
  12. adam728

    Long crank times

    One time in winter the car (cold engine, but probably 20F, not bitter cold) cranked for a whole cycle (maybe 10 sec?) without a hint of trying to fire. Once it stopped, pushed the button again and it fired right up. A few months ago a quick stop at the store (maybe 10 min soakback) and when...
  13. adam728

    Trifecta tune reliability

    At the wheel? You dyno'd it? Trifecta shows 266 whp, 305 ftlbs on their tune for a 2017 Regal.
  14. adam728

    If your lucky enough to have red needle car...

    1.6 liter. And share very, very little with our street cars. Their idle speed is about equal to our peak hp rpm. Toyota's 1.6L 3 cylinder is 300 hp, stock. Guys are building 2 liter engines with 4 digit hp numbers. So I get it, saying you can only get so much power is a bit silly. Speed...
  15. adam728

    Changing color of TourX wheels?

    2014 and newer Impalas are 5x120mm bolt pattern, and do not fit the TourX (5x115).
  16. adam728

    Unique 2020 Buick Regal TourX?

    Unique. And added by a previous owner. And 99% chance of not being functional.
  17. adam728

    Bigger tires on TourX?

    Not sure what makes this "not a standard car". Anyway, those kinds of lift spacer are exactly what I think would work very poorly on the TourX. The strut position is unchanged, so droop does not increase with ride height. I'm making up numbers, but say at the factory ride height we have 5...
  18. adam728

    Bigger tires on TourX?

    You are saying a lift and large tires should be possible because the tow rating is high in other countries? How do those dots connect?
  19. adam728

    Exterior Updates- Lets see them!

    I just went thru giving Michigan too much money for new tabs, plates, etc for my vehicles. There are 3 standard plates. There are 30 military/veteran plates. There are 16 special cause / fundraising plates. There are 16 university plates. There are 6 spacial organization plates. I find it...
  20. adam728

    Bigger tires on TourX?

    The TourX has crap for suspension droop as is. I have several times had the front struts "top out" on some rollers around here at speeds I've never had issues with in other vehicles, including a Chrysler minivan. So I think spacing coils is a no go, as you'll then ride even closer to that...