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  1. 2007LucerneCXL

    2008 3.8L Dieseling Shaking At Startup

    It may be worth checking out the new parts and make sure that they are operating correctly. This is a lot of items on a 75K motor that wasn't tossing a code, so was the CEL on that made doing the replacement and cleaning required and if so what was it? Was the problem there before doing anything...
  2. 2007LucerneCXL


    You may want to just check all your fluids and see if any are low, also see what color the leaking fluid is a white paper towel might help.
  3. 2007LucerneCXL

    Heater system 2002

    Can't tell you which one it is but below are the diagrams of the system hopefully this will help.
  4. 2007LucerneCXL

    Power steering hose replacement

    Bleeding is the same, passenger rear, drivers rear, passenger front, drivers front. You didn't mention if has ABS as it's kind of gray void of years if it was on it. Also the drums might need to be adjusted out, sorry but can't feel or see so it's just a suggestion. You didnt mention if the...
  5. 2007LucerneCXL

    Power steering hose replacement

    If you have ABS it may need to be cycled if any air got in it, not something that usually most people can tackle, not saying it can't be done but most shops have a ABS brake tool that will cycle it properly. Bleeding ABS Brake Systems On the lines, not sure on your vehicle, but on some those...
  6. 2007LucerneCXL

    Properly resetting the "Service Engine Soon" light after the fix...

    It would be code dependent and if the test facility has the car turned off and then tests it. Some codes are set off on every start, so there's no way to avoid the CEL appearing while others codes may need a few cycles to come back. The other reason is that people may not drive the vehicle long...
  7. 2007LucerneCXL

    RUST underneath my 2007 Lucerne

    That's really nothing to worry about, there are some spray and brush on rust stop products out there depending on how deeply involved you want to get. Wire brush, rust stop and paint should do it. But I think checking the trunk well to see if it has water and the fuse box relay for the fuel pump...
  8. 2007LucerneCXL

    Keyless Entry & Remote Start

    Take it to a dealer as they can run your VIN# and confirm it it has a remote start and these may need programming.
  9. 2007LucerneCXL

    Properly resetting the "Service Engine Soon" light after the fix...

    The CEL went out after the EVAP cycled went through, the OP couldn't get the CEL turned off at any parts store so it couldn't go through a test. Once it went off it passed as the OP has a sticker and it does say in the state guidelines that if the CEL is on it will fail, not worth debating if it...
  10. 2007LucerneCXL

    Winter drivers: Is AWD a 'must have' in snow and/or icy winter driving?

    Poor driving cannot be compensated by a great vehicle, so please stay home for the day LOL.
  11. 2007LucerneCXL

    Car is Shuddering and TPS testing results

    Glad you found a way to get it scanned. If it's tossing more than 1 code a good place to start is with the lowest number. Also the code will tell you something is wrong but necessarily what part is wrong, good luck on the project.
  12. 2007LucerneCXL

    2001 century heater blowing cold air

    If it's not mechanical problem then it's electrical, so eliminating some of those is how to trouble shoot as not getting heat isn't a single answer problem, I'm not sure, maybe someone else on the forum knows, but there may be vacuum lines on the vent controls. If the vacuum lines are...
  13. 2007LucerneCXL

    remote starter

    The only area that needs to be addressed is the antitheft as maybe the biggest problem. Some systems may offer a more "plug and play" type and others will require a involved rewire to bypass the antitheft while keeping it still operational. It may be more that cost will out way the amount of...
  14. 2007LucerneCXL

    2001 century heater blowing cold air

    A quick check is to see if coolant is getting to the heater core. Once the car has gotten to operating temperature, about 20 minutes depending on where you live, carefully feel both heater core hoses they should be both about the same warmth. If not you could be low on coolant, thermostat may be...
  15. 2007LucerneCXL

    Car is Shuddering and TPS testing results

    You will either have to buy a OBD 1.5 or get it to a shop. None of the parts stores can do a OBD 1 or 1.5 scans.
  16. 2007LucerneCXL

    Car is Shuddering and TPS testing results

    The EGR wouldn't, it was a possibility as no codes have been gotten. How was it determined that it was the TPS? If it has the OBD 1 connector you can check using a paperclip to pull up the codes. Chevy Check Engine light Codes without a Scan Tool - FreeAutoMechanic
  17. 2007LucerneCXL

    Car is Shuddering and TPS testing results

    Here's a detailed description on how to test TPS: Buick lesabre: check engine light..soon light..light comes..stop light… You may also want to check the EGR Valve as a possible solution. Unless as stated above if it's code related to the TPS.
  18. 2007LucerneCXL

    Pre-Bent brake lines 2002 LeSabre

    The cheapest price product they could find, that's no joke as the GM truck owners tried to get a class action lawsuit against them. I would suggest getting the best possible lines that you can afford and look at how much longer you will have the vehicle as maybe a benchmark of what to get.
  19. 2007LucerneCXL

    3100 SFI not getting gas

    As you read over it you'll see its a pretty simple check list, but chasing phantom problems can be a little time consuming and costly. So going through a method of removing possibly problems will hopefully get to the area where it will be the problem. As he suggested online to use starting fluid...
  20. 2007LucerneCXL

    3100 SFI not getting gas

    Probably start at the fuel pump and work your way forward. But when you say it's not getting any gas is this something you know or thinking likely is the problem. Lots of guessing and suggestions, but getting a few things confirmed good or bad parts may help others with ideas on the forum...