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  1. Optispark

    Autozone sells many different brands of products, did you buy an AC-Delco part?
  2. coolant temp not constant

    I would also say you have a thermostat that is not functioning correctly
  3. 2012 regal gs

    do you have a check engine light on? how do you know your losing boost versus losing fuel pressure?
  4. Memory seat

    what happens when you turn the car on, the seat starts moving from the previously set position?
  5. 2000 to 2005 Engine swap - no voltage to #5 & #6 injectors

    did you get the ecm and wire harness from the 2005?
  6. where is the traction control button in my 2000 buick century?

    read page 4-9 of the owners manual, there is no button.
  7. Buick Verano Engine Knock???

    you have cold engine knock? how many miles on the engine? I assume you have checked the oil level? I assume you are using the correct viscosity oil? If you are still under warranty have you taken it back to the dealer?
  8. Does the heated seat module need to be programed for a 2011 regal

    heated seats are more than a module, you need the control buttons on the panel and it's quite possible the BCM has to be programmed to get everything to work together.
  9. Trying to install headlight Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg!

    did you follow the instructions on page 5-52?
  10. Rear coil springs - where to find variable rate

    the stock spring is still available from any GM dealer part number 25655473
  11. Stuck in park 94 lesabre

    According to page 78 of your owners manual you have a brake interlock. Did you have someone apply the brakes while checking if the brake lights come on, if they dont check the brake light switch.
  12. 2019 vs 2018 parts

    Hard to believe a body shop would spend the time and effort in such detail as to look up parts numbers and not charge for it. You can look up the parts yourself at
  13. To be, or not to be... an old Buick owner.

    when dealing with an individual car of that age it depends on how it was maintained. In addition some parts such as interior and body may be next to impossible to find. So without the details, mileage, current condition of the car including frame and suspension, and asking price, you will have...
  14. Current Cascada $2k if you Finance

    You do realize a sales offer in one region of the country may not be the same as other regions of the country so you have to check with a local dealer.
  15. Center dash speaker replacement

    I checked Crutchfield and using the filters narrowed it down to three Midrange Speakers at
  16. Rattle in driver's side dash?

    Take the dealer service writer for a drive and demonstrate the issue.
  17. 06 Lucerne Key Stuck, Possible Dead Battery

    charge the battery fully and make sure the shifter is in park
  18. Trunk Torsion Bars 2004 Buick Lesabre

    have you tried a local body repair shop?
  19. 2014 Regal 2.0L Turbo Annoying Sound Coming Rear

    did you remove the right rear tire and check for rocks or anything else lodged in the tread and check the brake caliper and rotor for signs of anything rubbing.