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  1. SIAP - new battery for Buick Regal GS *LTG*

    Very interesting! I haven’t yet driven the new ones but I would have thought the opposite would be true. My ‘13 GS is very sporty and fun to drive.
  2. Your meet the nicest people in a TourX.

    WOW! Two at the same location! And I very very very rarely see one on the highways and byways. Great looking wagons. If only we could make SUV’s disappear.....
  3. SIAP - new battery for Buick Regal GS *LTG*

    I did not like the new look when it was introduced but it has grown on me. I saw my first one last week on I-95 and it was beautiful. I also love the sportback concept as I often drive an A5 Sportback at work. I owned a V6 Jetta and loved the engine.
  4. SIAP - new battery for Buick Regal GS *LTG*

    As will I. I’m going to trade up my 13 GS to a new one in Smoked Pearl when I hear that they are pulling the plug on Regals.
  5. SIAP - new battery for Buick Regal GS *LTG*

    I replace mine after 3 or 4 winters so I’m not caught with a dead battery. Just put a Duracell in - 148.00 installed. 3 year warranty and OEM specs.
  6. Courtesy Vehicle

    Try to buy one of these cars as a certified vehicle which gives you the longest warranty out of the gate. We bought my wife’s A3 with 5200 miles after 6 months of use by the dealership. Priced as a used car it was a terrific deal and she is still driving it 8 years later.
  7. Did you buy a leftover?

    This car is loaded at 44500.00. Asking price is 37+
  8. Did you buy a leftover?

    I’m thinking about negotiating on a leftover 2018 GS that the dealer has had on the lot for almost 300 days. Any suggestions as to how low to begin?
  9. Love or hate stop/start

    The automakers have put in this technology to conform with environmental regulations, but there has been testing done which shows that any fuel savings is insignificant. I have no doubt that in a few years there will be an increase in vehicles being towed in due to bad starters.
  10. Show us your best shot

    Love the smoked pearl...great color!
  11. To GS owners with no spare! Check your trunk.

    My tire kit that came with the car is in my garage since buying a spare was an immediate priority after buying the car.
  12. Philly Auto Show

    Did you happen to ask any of the Buick people as to whether or not the Regal lineup was going to last past this year?
  13. What did you do to your Regal today?

    I did the one thing that my GS is best for...put it in GS mode and drove it up I 95 to Boston. This car never ceases to amaze me...odometer is 61000 and the car drives like its brand new. Super seats, great wheel, fast and tight. The reviewers so vastly underrated these cars.
  14. Regal and TourX productions cuts

    I’ve been reading this thread with some degree of sadness as I detest SUV’s. A few minutes ago I just saw a new Regal GS on the road (red) which is the first one I’ve seen underway. It was incredibly beautiful and what a shame it will be if Buick brings a car like this to market and then...
  15. Tourx Quality

    I’m going to second BoostedRegals post...I think that Buick currently is one of a small group of really good car companies. Their quality has been in the top 10 for several years. Any vehicle has the chance to experience any mechanical problems-major or minor and some new designs take a few...
  16. New '16 GS owner intro

    Very sharp looking GS! I’m in RI but I drive my GS to Florida each year at the end of February for a pleasant 7 week stay. The best road car ever! Enjoy your ride!!
  17. We need a dedicated 2012 GS forum. I need you all in one place! We can all converse about how GM did our Regal's dirty, at least!

    Mine is automatic and I’m very happy with it. I’ve driven a manual and while I love the idea having owned many sticks in my life, I was unimpressed with the way it shifted. It seems as though many on here have had problems with the manuals as well.
  18. We need a dedicated 2012 GS forum. I need you all in one place! We can all converse about how GM did our Regal's dirty, at least!

    I drive a ‘13 GS which is virtually identical to the ‘12. I bought it two years ago as a low mileage CPO and it has been an awesome car. There are things that I like better than the ‘14 on but those have things I like better as well. I do have an acquaintance who worked for Saab and GM and knows...
  19. Show us your best shot

    WOW!!! That is some picture. Buick should use it in their ads!