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  1. 2007LucerneCXL

    2001 Steering Wheel Lights

    This posting may help Lights on the Searing Wheel Don't Light Up
  2. 2007LucerneCXL

    Tranny Leak 92 RML

    They are all exterior conected lines, look at the transmission manual for details.
  3. 2007LucerneCXL

    2014 Buick Regal Service Theft Deterrent System, won't start.

    If you have another key try it first, if that doesn't work here's something on a 2012 that may help. 2012 Buick Regal service theft deterrent car isn't starting…
  4. 2007LucerneCXL

    Tranny Leak 92 RML

    Most have a breather tube location on the top of the case, along with the transmission lines any may cause a leak. Follow this link to get a free service manual, look for the GM section. 173 FREE Automatic Transmission Repair Manuals
  5. 2007LucerneCXL

    2011 regal oil consumption

    Covers it in this link, GM named in class action lawsuit over excessive oil consumption in Chevrolet Equinox vehicles
  6. 2007LucerneCXL

    Little green gear in DIC

    Asked before in another post What's the green gear or tire icon on the dash?
  7. 2007LucerneCXL

    Dissapointed: Are the options to improve performance?

    GM made the announcement awhile ago about getting out of car sales and focusing on SUV and trucks. There will be a few cars but probably not in the Buick lineup.
  8. 2007LucerneCXL

    Adding Remote start to 07 Lacrosse CXS

    It should, but it's something to confirm at a GM dealer as the setup and reprogramming will need to be done by them.
  9. 2007LucerneCXL

    Glass Replacement - Tic Toc

    It's sort of GM, Fuyao Glass America took over the Moraine, Ohio GM plant which closed 2008. Fuyao, a Chinese company, is a GM OEM glass supplier along with others. LOL GM use to make SUV's here talk a cluster F.
  10. 2007LucerneCXL

    Rear end swap?

    Some other details on a swap that may help. 1995 Roadmaster LT1 Rear end swap/ Posi Installation - Chevy Impala Forums
  11. 2007LucerneCXL

    62 skylark clutch linkage

    This should help with your project: 1962 Buick Special Service Manual
  12. 2007LucerneCXL

    Encore Tire Pressure

    It's probably just a error after the tires were rotated as the TPMS only knows it on the car and doesn't following a change in location unless it's told, LOL.
  13. 2007LucerneCXL

    Encore Tire Pressure

    It sounds like the rims have been rotated, so you may want to check the other side also. Reseting all would be the best route and see if the problem comes up again.
  14. 2007LucerneCXL

    help delete/disable warning/door chime

    Well you posted in the Buick Century Forum, but it can disable the chimes. Unfortunately to many variations on the stereo and wiring harness used to give a absolute. Check with the installation shop on what they did, there are aftermarket chimes that can be added to a system.
  15. 2007LucerneCXL

    help delete/disable warning/door chime

    The year of vehicle would be helpful, but on newer GM the chimes run through the radio so it's what the installer may have done.
  16. 2007LucerneCXL

    2006 Lucerne

    Check the wiring harness between the door and frame inside the boot for cracks or broken wires.
  17. 2007LucerneCXL

    06 shift lock solenoid

    Here's a diagram on the location. Buick Workshop Manuals > Lucerne V6-3.8L VIN 2 (2006) > Transmission and Drivetrain > Actuators and Solenoids - Transmission and Drivetrain > Actuators and Solenoids - A/T > Shift Interlock Solenoid > Component Information > Locations > Steering Wheel and Column...
  18. 2007LucerneCXL

    ISO 2003 Rendezvous Service manual

    Here's one 2003 Buick Rendezvous Service Manual |
  19. 2007LucerneCXL

    Wanted left front fender

    May want to check Ebay * 1972 72 BUICK SKYLARK RIGHT PASSENGER FRONT FENDER pick up only* NO SHIPPING * | eBay Skylark Fenders | GS | WildCat | Electra | LeSabre | Buick C.T.C. Auto Ranch Parts Cars Special / Skylark
  20. 2007LucerneCXL

    axle ratio for CV axle?

    Not sure if anyone has a access to a VIN decoder, did you look on the spare tire lid for the RPO tag?