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  1. 98 LeSabre: Oil Burning

    You make no mention of the mileage on the car. When is the last time you replaced the PCV? What viscosity oil are you using? If you are using, as an example, 5W30 try 10W30. Use a high mileage oil that typically contains an additive for seals such as found on the valves.
  2. 04 Lesabre.....oil pressure reads?

    that's an excellent oil pressure. The rule of thumb is 10 psi per 1,000 rpm.
  3. 2013 encore reduced engine power ...

    Have you had the computer scanned for codes, if so, post the codes.
  4. Front Center Console

    have you tried ?
  5. 2011 Lacrosse CXL Radio Reboots/Resets

    From your description a guess would be a bad electrical connection but whether external or internal to the radio is hard to say, You mention instrumentation also, what exactly happens to the instruments?
  6. Hello. Buick Newb

    Welcome to the forum.
  7. 93 Mint Buick Riviera - No Heat

    when cold is the coolant bottle at the proper level? when the engine is fully warmed up does the upper radiator hose feel very warm to the touch? the heater control valve would be located in one of the two heater core hoses. If it sticks closed no heat.
  8. Outside Temp Reset

    On most cars it requires pushing multiple HVAC buttons at the same time, not a battery disconnect. Try pressing AC and Recir at the same time.
  9. Fuel Filter location

    post the actual code
  10. Outside Temp Reset

    read page 2-21 to solve your window problem
  11. 2012 2.0T Car randomly dies, bucks/stutters.

    solve the P0106 and P0506 codes and the P00C7 should also go away P0106 DTC Code - MAP / Baro Pressure Circuit Range/Performance Problem P0506 Idle Air Control System RPM Lower Than Expected - DTC Code
  12. Has anyone straight piped a 2013 Verano turbo?

    why cannt you go under the car and measure it?
  13. 2014 buick Verano pulls to the right

    did you a report on the car before buying it to check for the accident history? who is doing the work on the car, a Buick dealer?
  14. 2011 front liecense plate bracket

    you have a 2011 something this forum is 2018 and up Regal Sportback and Tourx
  15. Firmware update

    start with stating the year of the vehicle.
  16. Slightly rough idle

    have a shop check it rather than have people guess what the problem is
  17. 2015 Enclave Headlight issues

    This number is for the HID bulb 13587843
  18. Hello. New

    did you check for a blown fuse?
  19. Headlights

    Did you check for a blown fuse?