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  1. CURT 55383 Custom Wiring Harness (Fit Buick Rendezvous Pontiac Aztek) to sell.

    Because of duplicate purchase Buick Rendezvous Custom Wiring Harness to sell. Discount for forum member : 15$ !!! CURT 55383 Custom Wiring Harness (Fit Buick Rendezvous Pontiac Aztek) | eBay
  2. Why I run my RDV on E85 in France ?

    'Cuz ... :cool: Conversions €/Litre -> $/Gallon E10 : 6,34$ GAS : 6,69$ E85 : 1,94$ DIESEL : 6,24$
  3. Swap 2003 RDV Headrest to 2005 Venture / Silhouette / Montana Headrest

    Hi I'm looking for more confortable RDV headrest. My 2003 RDV comes with this one : I'm looking this tan leather headrest : 2005 - 2007 Venture / Silhouette / Montana Any input welcome. Bst Rgds
  4. Versatrak under heavy snow

    Hi I went to snowkiting to the Llagonne (near Font Romeu Pyrénées - France) this Thursday but there was not much wind and especially small spot and rather boring : only an in/out riding within 1/2 mile. And then there are barbed wire. (snowkiting : So I climbed to...
  5. Headrest poor design

    Hi 2000-2003 RDV headrest are useless : too small and too far from the seat back. Do you think Montana / Venture headrest could fit ? Thx Chris
  6. Noise from the rear axle during parking lot or sharp turning only when hot

    Hi The rear axle was serviced 3 month ago with genuine 12378514 versatrak transfer case GM fluid. I noticed a strange , moan or groan type noise coming from the rear axle during parking lot, turning maneuvers or during short turns, only when hot. On highway or straight road no problem. The...
  7. Sagging driver door and ... surprise !

    Hi The driver's door has begun to sag. In seeking the causes I discovered that the three bolts of the upper hinge of the door jamb were untighted. I tightens these three bolts with 12 and 10 mm wrench and two 12mm bolts on the door too. I also checked those of the lower hinge: same...
  8. Aftermarket car radio adapter ?

    Hi I bought this car radio to remplace the genuine AC Delco Stéréo (no aux outputs,no USB or SD card slot etc....) It needs a Dash Kit+Bose/Onstar Wire Harness+Ant +Steering Adapter. Do you think this product is the good one ? Thank you.
  9. DRL issues

    Hi I live in France (no GM dealer) and own a 40K mile '03 RendezVous. The problem : DRL does'nt work and headlight + Inst Clst + rearlight are always ON. I change ambiant light sensor, relay, fuse. No change. I own the GM Tech 2 scanner and I got the DTC B3857. DTC B3857 Circuit Description...