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  1. Display screen really dark during daytime hours

    2011 Buick lacrosse csx My display screen is really hard to see during daytime hours It's like the bulb is going out on the radio display screen or the car thinks its night time Is there a sensor that could be going haywire Nice and bright at night time The speedometer lights are nice and...
  2. Plastic screen for radio

    2011 Buick lacrosse csx Is it possible to have the plastic screen for the radio replaced Without replacing the entire radio unit behind the screen Mine has some scratches in the top right hand corner Hard to see the temp reading
  3. Memory seat buttons

    Simple question 2011 buick lacrosse cxs Are the memory and seat 1 and 2 buttons Supposed to light up It's kind of hard to see them in dark areas
  4. Just can't figure out my drivers seat

    I have a 2011 buick lacrosse csx The drivers seat is set on the easy in , easy out function Now when i turn off the car and open the drivers door , the seat goes back Nice and roomy to exit the car But later when i come and try to get back in the car , the seat starts foward to a preset...
  5. What are the best cleaners to keep my 2011 lacrosse looking new

    Looking for tips on what to use to clean the interior of my awesome car From the leather to all the other surfaces in the buick lacrosse I have only had her one week now , so i am still on cloud 9
  6. New to your forum And my first buick ever

    Just bought a 2011 buick lacrosse with 80,000 miles with a 3.6 engine She is in awesome condition and i just love the smooth ride She is a csx model , with all the bells and whistles Would appreciate any helpfull tips on cleaning the fancy interior surfaces I want to keep her looking as good...