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  1. No Bluetooth phone book

    Finally replaced my flip phone with an Apple i6s. Paired it to my GS and created a new "contact" list. However my GS does not display a "phone book" saying that it is empty. What should I do to let the GS read my iphone contact list?
  2. TPMS reads 4-5 psi higher than handheld gauge

    Have a 2012 GS bought new which now has 91k miles. The TPMS has always read higher than 2 of my handheld tire pressure gauges. Lately it has been reading 4-5 psi higher than the handhelds. Wonder if my 7 year-old TPMS sensors are starting to die; I would think they would read low if dying.
  3. Radio on for drive-in movie mode?

    Not planning on going to a drive-in movie (there is one in the S.F. East Bay) but curious on how to keep the radio on for more than 10 minutes at a time? No I haven't checked the manual; too lazy LOL.
  4. Trade War will hurt Buick?

    Will Trumps Trade Tariffs hurt Buick? I would think so especially with Buick's large presence in China and with Buick mirroring Germany's Opel. I think ALL U.S. car manufacturers will be hurt even the foreign brands being built here.
  5. Trunk won't open with manual switch

    2012 GS I can open my trunk with the remote but not with the switch beneath the Buick emblem. Just stopped opening a couple weeks ago. Anything I should look into that I might fix myself? I don't really want to go to the dealer.
  6. Looking for DIY to remove/replace daylight running light

    One of my Daylight Running Lights has burnt out. Anyone have any experience replacing one? 2012 GS with just under 80k miles. Shop wants minimum 1 hr to remove/replace. Wondering if I could do it myself.
  7. Prices for typical professional work

    Happy New Year all here. Have just under 79k miles but will be looking at front brake job around 80k miles. 2012 GS auto. What would the typical price for brake job in California? Is there a web site where non-pro mechanics can look up typical prices for other jobs. No I don't DIY.
  8. California Lemon Law advertisement for legal services

    Received a letter from a California law firm soliciting for a possible pursuant of the Lemon Law regarding my Buick Regal. Listed possible problems including stalling, steering, airbag, electrical etc., etc. other mechanical problems. I'm happy to report that I have over 77k miles of problem...
  9. 3rd set of rear brakes 2012 GS 75k

    Just had the 3rd set of rear brakes installed on my 2012 automatic GS with 75k miles. Fronts have another 10k or so miles to go on 2nd set of front pads. Why are the rear wearing out faster than the fronts? Stock 19's and OEM style Goodyears (2nd set).
  10. Krazy Glue fix

    Backed out of garage and grazed the light pole in front of my house with the left rear bumper cover. Broke some tabs holding the cover in place along with taking some paint off. The cover stuck out from the lower left rear quarter panel seam by about an 8th of an inch. Not much but still...
  11. Saw new Regal GS a couple of blocks from me

    Not a lot of Buicks in Napa, CA. See some Lacrosses and SUVs but no Regals except for mine which I've had since 2012. Then I took a long walk a couple of weeks ago and saw a Black GS parked in a driveway a couple of blocks away. Can't tell what year but have 19's. Whoever you are, welcome.
  12. Passenger side front bumper trim knocked off

    The bumper trim underneath the front facia on the passenger side has been knocked off its seating tabs. I always thought this was one piece but is apparently a two piece item. While being too short to be called an "air dam" I wonder if this piece has any aero or cooling purpose. I know on some...
  13. What's the most gas you've pumped in your GS

    Sweated the last 20 or so miles after the "low fuel level" light came on and message popped up on the screen. Pumped in 16.49 gallons of premium which is the most I've ever pumped in (I keep a log of all of my fill-ups). I guess the tank had another 1.51 gallons whether or not the fuel pickup...
  14. Battery died at 65k

    The battery in my 2012 GS died yesterday. I had 65,069 miles and 3 years, 9 months. I don't know actual in service date so let's say 4 years. I had driven out of my garage in order to see better to search the inside of the GS for my missing cell phone (found it in my other car) and wanted to...
  15. Looking for DIY instructions to change cabin air filter

    Got a new cabin air filter. Need instructions on how to change. Someone posted DIY a year or so ago but I could not find it.
  16. What kind of mileage are you getting with your Goodyear RSA 19's? What replacements?

    I'm at 55k miles on my 2012 GS and it looks like I have at least another 10k miles before I come close to the wear indicators. I like the RSAs but they are expensive with Tire Rack at $250+ for each.
  17. Temp gauge question 2012 GS

    At what temp will the gauge move past 185? Is there a software upgrade which will allow the gauge to show the current temp? Doing a lot of stop-and-go traffic driving with air temps close to triple digits and worried that at some point the gauge with peg into the red without any warning.
  18. 2012 GS rear brake job

    Trying to stretch it till next year and got down to metal-to-metal on the rear brakes 39k miles. Did fronts pads only at 24K. Anyway my shop quoting me on $1200 for rotors, pads and calipers. Said needed all three due to the metal-to-metal and yes saw a rear pad and rotor pretty much toast...
  19. 2012 GS auto 35k miles intermitant check engine light

    Been getting check engine lights for no apparent performance issues. The light would come on, stay on for a couple of days, then disappear. Can't figure out what makes it come on. At first I thought it was coming on after hard acceleration but it also comes on with alight foot on the gas...
  20. Saw my first GS eastbound 121 Sonoma

    Since I bought my 2012 in Sept 2012 I had not seen another GS on the road. Plenty of Encores and Lacrosses but haven't seen another GS until this morning on my way to work. Almost missed it but then I saw the "fangs". I made a "half wave" at the other driver then I realized I wasn't driving my...