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  1. No Bluetooth phone book

    My phone paired easily with my 2012 GS but my GS won't/can't read my contact list onto the phone book.
  2. No Bluetooth phone book

    Finally replaced my flip phone with an Apple i6s. Paired it to my GS and created a new "contact" list. However my GS does not display a "phone book" saying that it is empty. What should I do to let the GS read my iphone contact list?
  3. TPMS reads 4-5 psi higher than handheld gauge

    Yes NOT pencil gauges or digital. One is high quality gauge with floating liquid dial.
  4. Dead pedal/Left foot rest

    Bought a "bare foot pedal" like what you might find on a hot rod. Attach with double-sided tape and/or short self-tapping screw.
  5. 2013 Regal Truck release button Stopped working

    If you don't want to replace the part yourself any body shop can replace it for you for about $50 in labor (in CA) if you provide the replacement part.
  6. TPMS reads 4-5 psi higher than handheld gauge

    Have a 2012 GS bought new which now has 91k miles. The TPMS has always read higher than 2 of my handheld tire pressure gauges. Lately it has been reading 4-5 psi higher than the handhelds. Wonder if my 7 year-old TPMS sensors are starting to die; I would think they would read low if dying.
  7. Bluetooth voice control

    System never liked "call home" since it heard call "help". I'll try something longer. Thanks for the post.
  8. Low fuel economy

    Recent long trip Long Beach to Napa, CA with average speed of 67.5 mph returned 25.6 mpg including the climb up the Grapevine. Around town (Napa) with average speed below 30 mph reflecting a lot of stop and go, I'm happy to average 19-20 mpg.
  9. Wiper blade opinions welcomed

    I make sure to clean my blades whenever I wash the car and more often during rainy months. Use Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner followed by a RainX application but I still change out the blades every year. You can't miss what you can't see.
  10. Fuel gauge not reading full after fillup (2014 GS)

    34k miles but almost 6=yrs old. Clean fuel does not mean clean station gas tanks. Also some "clean" fuels have high sulfer content which could cause fuel sender problems. Techron is a cheap PROBABLE fix. Try that before looking for mechanical solutions.
  11. Fuel gauge not reading full after fillup (2014 GS)

    Various GM cars (Corvettes come to mind) have had fuel gauge/sender problems. What's worse is a gauge to read 1/2 tank and is actually almost empty. Common fix is to run a bottle of Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner through a full tank of gas. You may need multiple bottles. If that fixes the...
  12. 2013 trunk release

    Easiest stage is ordering and getting the part (about $25). I did not attempt the replacement but took it to a body shop which charged me $54 for the labor (that's California labor cost). Took it to the shop, walked to a fast food place for lunch and fix was completed when I returned.
  13. Radio on for drive-in movie mode?

    Not planning on going to a drive-in movie (there is one in the S.F. East Bay) but curious on how to keep the radio on for more than 10 minutes at a time? No I haven't checked the manual; too lazy LOL.
  14. Cleaned up the GS

    Can't take away my Zaino but nice job.
  15. 19" Tire questions

    Got over 55k on mine and replaced them another set of RSA's.
  16. Trunk won't open with manual switch

    Finally got around to ordering the switch from CultragPerformance (along with a new engine air filter) but did not want to tackle repair especially after I tried prying off the inner liner. So...I went to my friendly local body shop which charged me $54 for the job but did not buy me lunch LOL.
  17. Trade War will hurt Buick?

    Will Trumps Trade Tariffs hurt Buick? I would think so especially with Buick's large presence in China and with Buick mirroring Germany's Opel. I think ALL U.S. car manufacturers will be hurt even the foreign brands being built here.
  18. Trunk won't open with manual switch

    Is this a simple remove and replace? Any electrical connections? I'm not that mechanically inclined.
  19. Trunk won't open with manual switch

    2012 GS I can open my trunk with the remote but not with the switch beneath the Buick emblem. Just stopped opening a couple weeks ago. Anything I should look into that I might fix myself? I don't really want to go to the dealer.
  20. Hardwire Radar Detector into rearview mirror

    I have a Valentine detector which I have attached to the headliner with the included visor clip just to the left of the rear view mirror. You can still use the visor with limitations. I attached an 8 foot phone cord (RS232) and ran it between the windshield and liner, down the A pillar beneath...