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  1. Wouldn't you really rather gave a Buick?

    I’m currently sitting in my wife’s Audi and what they advertise as leather is hardly that...leatherette would be a better term. My ‘13 GS has beautiful soft leather that still has a nice scent to it. The ‘12 and ‘13 GS models did not spare anything. Cuts began with the ‘14 refresh.
  2. Show us your best shot

    Man that is one fine looking car!!
  3. Hello, new GS owner

    The great looks of your GS will stand out as you drive around your locale. Nothing else like them on the road!
  4. 2012 Buick Regal GS Trunk Question

    The inside button was added in 2014. On yours you either use the key fob or, if you have the key with you, press under the logo on the rear and trunk will open. That switch is prone to breaking at some point but it is a quick and inexpensive repair.
  5. Hi from New Zealand

    I’m afraid that I cannot understand why basically the same car does not have the same features- other than something that might not be legal in the US. Sometimes GM doesn’t make sense. The Regal GS could have been one of the hottest cars in the US and be a huge boost to the brand. It appears...
  6. A little fun in my GS

    You are quite right. I’ve had a love affair with cars since I was very young. My dad was a bigwig with GM in the glory days and I got my license on the morning of my 16th birthday. I’ve owned many cars and my ‘13 GS is right up there with the best of them.
  7. A little fun in my GS

    I’m on my way to the beach this morning and I come to a red light where there are two lanes but the thru traffic uses the left lane. Since there was no one in the right lane I pulled up and stopped at the light. Now I should mention that I’m 73 years young. The car to my left is a GTI with a...
  8. The used dilemma

    Make a lowball offer to find out. They will send it to the auction eventually.
  9. dealers given up on selling the Tourx

    I’m afraid that is the Sportbacks and GS models as well. Dealers are trying, mostly in vain, to clear their stocks of 2018-19 models and are not replenishing Regal inventory. Although I will not be replacing my ‘13 GS for 1-2 years, I wouldn’t mind driving the current GS without going 200 miles...
  10. Vibrations in cabin when in drive but stopped

    I always wait until my tach has gone down to 7-800 RPM before putting the car in gear in either drive or reverse. That prevents the lurch you mentioned.
  11. TourX sales figures in the US?

    I live in a higher income town and there are no current model Regals at all. There is my ‘13 GS, a ‘14 GS and a few turbos. Dealers are not ordering Regals and are trying to sell ones that are on their lots. GM is dumb to not have been aggressive about marketing the Regal line.
  12. For Sale or Not?

    I’m anxious to test drive a new GS but the only one in New England is in the boondocks of VT. The dealers in my area barely stock any Regals let alone the GS.
  13. Buick Shame?

    I think that your letter is great. Besides buying many cars, I also work P/T for a dealership so I get to observe first hand how they operate. You have to take control of the process or they will waste your time and money. If they are smart enough to realize they have a committed buyer they will...
  14. Anyone here move up from last GS to current GS?

    If so what do you think???? The good, the not so good, and the bad.....
  15. All Buick Car Show, Wantagh NY 5-26-19

    Wish I had been there. Your car looks great!!
  16. Gotta keep the Quicksilver Metallic nice and reflective

    I owned one like yours...silver ‘11 turbo that was built in Germany. Traded it for my current ‘13 GS. Big difference between the two cars and I’m sure that it is even more so with ‘19’s.
  17. Germanys 2011 Regal CXL turbo?

    I owned one for 3 years and drove it 75000 trouble-free miles. Wonderful car.
  18. New Owner, Hello from Cary, NC

    Welcome! Enjoy your new ride! One of my children had a Forrester for awhile and it was fine but way way down the scale from a Buick. Although I drive a GS, I agree with the statement that the TourX is the best looking wagon on the market. I’d buy one in a heartbeat if I needed that much space.
  19. Potential Regal owner with questions/concerns.

    Without going into specifics, Buick is one of the most reliable automotive brands on the market. Any manufacturer can build a car that for some reason causes trouble but the reliable brands have far fewer incidents. The CPO program is also first class as it extends the power train warranty to 6...
  20. The switch has arrived

    What about the S/S disable button?