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  1. MotorTrend Regal GS Review
  2. Darn hazard light button

    Went to pay my property taxes this morning. Came back out to the car and noticed my hazards were blinking. I pressed the hazard light button instead of the lock button:o . Has anyone else done this?
  3. GM twin turbo kicks turbo lag to the curb I hope Buick get this engine soon!
  4. Buick And Opel Link To Become Stronger, Says GM CEO
  5. Water spots on windows

    I'm thinking about buying the zaino clear view glass polish. Anyone use it? I've heard good things about zaino products but haven't used them personally.
  6. Group buy on spoiler and/or splitter

    Just seeing if there is interest in either of these two items. The spoiler is for the non-GS Regal. The front splitter should hopefully work for both. If there is enough interest maybe we can get better pricing for those interested. front splitter...
  7. Black out chrome strip?

    Saw this on the european site and I am thinking about doing it. Since my previous idea wasn't well received I thought I would get everyone's opinion. :o Anyway here is a picture of the idea I stole: I am going to try it in plasti dip first and then I will paint it or have it painted...
  8. Aftermarket navigation

    Saw a user over on the insignia forum that installed this unit. Thought I would share for anyone interested.
  9. Drawing by my daughter

    Please forgive a father for wanting to brag on his daughter but I just had to post. :o My daughter is in the process of drawing Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit movie. I wanted to share with all of you. My photography is not as good and there is a green hue on the picture I took that is not on...
  10. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Maybe you could talk a fellow regal owner that lives somewhat close to you into buying the 45-50mm springs and he could send you two of the 45s and you could send him two of your 30s. Maybe easier said than done. Just a thought.
  11. Lowered GS..... finally!

    So we do need more of drop in the front than the rear. I was wondering which was why I asked about the Thorney motorsports question earlier in the thread. Sometimes it is good not to be the guinea pig ;)
  12. Photoshop wheel idea

    I wanted to buy some new wheels but it is not a good time financially. So I thought about what I could do with plasti dip. I started out by just photoshopping, with my daughter's help :o, one wheel to see if I would like it. These are the 19" wheels on the turbo model. I like the five...
  13. Lowered GS..... finally! This is Thorney Motorsports VXR-R Insignia. If you check the link above, their website says they use eibach springs with 30mm in the rear and 40 mm in the front. It looks good but I am wondering why the...
  14. Lowered GS..... finally!

    I'd be interested depending on the price.
  15. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Why do you think the 1.6/1.8T springs would be any different? What is it about them that is better? I ask out of ignorance, not being a smart a$$. Ok I read a post further up and noticed this by VX Performance: I do agree that maybe the springs for our lighter 1.6/1.8 may drop them a touch...
  16. Lowered GS..... finally!

    More pictures please. :D very nice look!
  17. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Looks really good!
  18. Quick picture of grill with plasti dip

    I took a quick picture before I had to leave. I will try to take more pictures later if anyone wants different views.
  19. How about this tune for the ecotec?

    World's fastest four cylinder :headbang:
  20. Carbon fiber vinyl wrap or plasti-dip?

    So I am thinking about "blacking" all the chrome on my grill except the buick emblem. For those of you that have used either or both what are your thoughts? I haven't used either so I will be a newbie at this. Thanks!