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  1. 2014 Turbo Plugs & Wires

    Non-GS. Just hit 60k.Any suggestions? I went to AutoZone and they were trying to sell me wires / coil packs for $50 each? I believe this may be for the GS model, not my turbo?
  2. Wet Oil going to Air Filter

    Any ideas what could be causing this?
  3. 60k Tune-Up?

    2014 turbo just hit 60k. Replacing front/rear brakes soon, what else should I be looking into and having my mechanic check out? Thanks.
  4. Broken shift knob button

    2014 Regal. Anyone experience this before? Can it be replaced with any automatic shift knob or do i need to go factory? Aftermarket is a lot cheaper. Luckily i can depress it by putting my finger in there too shift from park to drive or reverse, but this is ridiculous.
  5. Winter Tire Size Question

    So, got a ridiculous offer for 4 practically brand new Bridgestone Blizzaks for my wife's Verano. Stock size on the Verano is 235/45/18. These winter tires are 235/50/18, which is actually the size on my Regal, but i already have winters. Anyone have an idea if they will fit? I'm going to prob...
  6. TPMS Question

    So, today I added a little air to my rear drivers side tire since it was 2lbs lower than my other tires. I got back in the Regal and noticed that tires pressure had not changed, but my front drivers side tire increased. I don't know how these monitors work or are installed, but are they being...
  7. Oil Burn

    Any suggestions or advice on why my wife's '13 Verano seems to be burning too much oil? Just had it changed a couple months ago, oil life only at 75% and had to add about 1 1/2 qts yesterday. Non-turbo. No visible leaks, there are no oil spots on the pavement. It's just being burned off at what...
  8. Seat Thread Coming Undone...

    ...on the passenger seat on my 2014 Regal. Not bad, but worried about it getting worse. Anyone know of a fix or if this might be a warrantied item?
  9. Malfunction Indicator Lamp

    This light is now on in my 2014 Turbo Regal. Parked it Saturday with no lights on, started it up this morning with the MIL now on. Gotta love it. Also, when I started it up, the TCS/Stabilitrak light was on as well. So, I shut the car off, turned it back on and it was just the MIL, no more TCS...
  10. Wiper Blade Replacement?

    Just picked up some Trico blades for the 2013 Verano and have no clue how to replace them? The stock blades have a push-button mechanism and the new blades are a standard fit. Any suggestions?
  11. 2014 Regal 2.0L Turbo Oil Capacity

    5 or 6 quarts? I know dexos approved, but I'm not finding a definitive answer on the capacity. Thanks!
  12. 2013 Verano 2.0L Oil Capacity?

    5 quarts? Non-turbo, and I know dexos approved, but I'm not finding a definitive answer on the capacity. Thanks!
  13. Sun Roof Not Working

    Wife just called me out to her 2013 Verano to show me that neither of her sunroof buttons are functioning. Luckily the roof is in the closed position, but neither the slide open or slide up buttons work. Any suggestions? I am going to check fuses, but other than that I have nothing. I don't mind...
  14. Steering Wheel Button Question

    Can anyone tell em what the top button opposite the heated steering wheel button is? Is it some kind of collision warning button? Thanks!
  15. New-B from PA

    Hi everyone, Bought my wife a 2013 Verano back in October and fell in love with the new Buick lineup. This past Friday I bought myself a 2014 Regal Turbo. We are a Buick family now ;) Great to be here and already received some helpful advice. Bobby
  16. 2014 Regal Paint Color

    Good afternoon, Friday I purchased a 2014 Regal Turbo Premium 1. I started to fall in lobe with Buick's when we picked up my wife a Verano back in October. My question is regarding the color of my Regal....Graphite Blue Metallic. It seems like a very rare color and it also seems that it was...
  17. Water behind instrument cluster

    Hello Verano community My wife and I are the proud new owners of a 2013 Verano. I noticed that there are a few, dry, water spots/marks on the inside of a few of the instrument gauge platic covers. The only thing I could think is someone just blasted the guages with Windex instead of using a...