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  1. CorvairGeek

    New Member from Minn.

    Welcome! What kind of condition is it in being from MN?
  2. CorvairGeek

    Was I just crazy?

    It all depends. What kind of condition overall?
  3. CorvairGeek

    Is it possible to run rear view double din on 03 Lasabre?

    As said above, the only +12v originally is a constant supply. No switched +12 volts.
  4. CorvairGeek

    Need Help 89 Century Wagon 3.3L stalling

    Inspect the wiring harness (only a few wires covered in conduit) from the ICM to the CPS. They get chafed easily. + 1 on replacement parts being suspect.
  5. CorvairGeek

    XM Radio Option Missing From Factory Stereo

    It's really easy to see if it is mounted to the structural support of the rear quarter panel. It isn't buried up by the back seat, you don't even have to get in the trunk. If someone unplugged it, you would get the exact behavior you see, as it wouldn't be present on the serial bus system.
  6. CorvairGeek

    1994 Buick Century

    Incidentally, the '82 to '96 Century is considered a GM 'A' body, along with the Chevrolet Celebrity, Pontiac 6000, Olds (Cutlass)Ciera. The Buick and Olds were the only ones built for the entire duration.
  7. CorvairGeek

    1994 Buick Century

    The odd (they used to go from the accelerator to the engine, not the odd 'bell crank' on the firewall) setup for the cables is '94-'96. The '97 to '05 is a 'W' body car that is very different.
  8. CorvairGeek

    Another new member with a 2000 Century

    You'll probably have plenty of dye left in the oil. It goes a long, long way. I had mentioned the liquid line in a previous post but I realized yours is actually the return line, which is better. I'm curious to see how this goes. I might even be tempted to secure a stainless clamp around the...
  9. CorvairGeek

    1994 Buick Century

    You would need to be more specific. The '94 - '96 Century's are very similar in general, but there are emission control changes for each year. Same for the Olds Ciera for the '94 - '96, but they are cosmetically different. Some parts of the Century were the same for the entire run of '82 - '96!
  10. CorvairGeek

    Another new member with a 2000 Century

    I went the wrecking yard route with my Caprice years ago, but it was cheap and easy. Mine wasn't leaking, but had a spot worn noticeably thin. I was afraid of the other options, especially running R12. The liquid line seems to be the first part discontinued of the A/C system, and not available...
  11. CorvairGeek

    XM Radio Option Missing From Factory Stereo

    Look and see if the module is behind the carpet in the trunk on the passenger's side.
  12. CorvairGeek

    Another new member with a 2000 Century

    Sounds like the ECU still interprets the signal from the transducer for radiator/condenser fan and compressor control then, but the control head does not command refrigeration if the outside temp is below 'x' degrees in Auto.
  13. CorvairGeek

    Another new member with a 2000 Century

    I'm guessing you are correct, but I don't know from my experience. The '96 (OBDII) we have relies exclusively on what the ECU reads from the high side transducer on the refrigeration system (besides having what were essentially 'lifetime' control heads with vacuum and cable operated blend doors).
  14. CorvairGeek

    Adding steering wheel with audio controls?

    Congrats! I wish some of these plastic parts would hold like they should or used to. When I was a kid I remember hearing "plastic is here forever when it is made".
  15. CorvairGeek

    Horrible Gas Mileage

    I don't buy the 30-33mpg, 2007LucerneCXL is dead on with the numbers and my experience too. A thermostat stuck open or opening at a low temperature would be my first guess if the car is in good repair otherwise. It may not be readily obvious from the gauge if it is running cold either, unless...
  16. CorvairGeek

    Another new member with a 2000 Century

    That's awesome and is what I have seen with my experience in V5s with with R134a refrigerant control valves.
  17. CorvairGeek

    Another new member with a 2000 Century

    That's great to see, I understand the evaporator is a real pain to change. Interesting story on those rubber elbows. When those are missing, some of the GM body styles will develop enough pressure from the air flow at highway speed to keep the condensation from from dripping. Some could overflow...
  18. CorvairGeek

    Stereo Replacement

    The knee bolster is kind of a pain, as I can see it must be a driver's side air bag car. The trim that surrounds your map light, rear defog, and rear wiper switch covers the right side screws of the radio. This trim surrounding the switches only has screws on the left side, the right side just...