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  1. Need help with Android Auto on 2019 Encore

    check if your phone is compatible https://my.buick.com/bluetooth/2019/Encore
  2. 2001 Park Avenue Base starting issues when hot

    Never heard of somebody "cleaning a fuel filter", why go through the effort of removing it and not replacing it with a new one? Another thought related to hot starting is one or more bad ignition coils. Did the mechanic decide to replace all those parts chasing this problem?
  3. Help! P0650 and No MIL light after first test cycle

    there a number of causes listed including a failed PCM P0650 Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) Control Circuit
  4. Need Advice on suspension

    Look at what Monroe offers.
  5. daytime running lights..high beam issue

    Page 6-65 shows you have a relay for the left headlight, the right headlight and the running lights. Check the markings on the relays with other relays in the box, if they have the same markings, switch them and see if the problem moves with the relay...
  6. 2001 Park Avenue Base starting issues when hot

    How do you know you dont have leaky injectors that drip fuel after you turn off the engine? The fuel pressure drop after engine shut off may be caused by the leaky injectors.
  7. Purge selenoid

    That would be covered by warranty and your dealer would have to explain why because you have given no details as to what led up to this action.
  8. Need advice for 1987 Grand National - car stalling

    Did you check the computer for codes? OBD1 codes - Reading & Code List (GM 2019) - Mechanic Base
  9. 2019 seat cooling

    So no air is coming through the seats, have you looked if there is an air intake under the seat that is blocked?
  10. Is it possible to swap cloth driver's seat for junkyard leather seat with different options?

    Take pictures of your connectors and wire harness and go to the yard and compare.
  11. 1976 Electra power windows/seats/antenna not working.

    Are you using a cell phone or a computer? The second diagram is labeled 75 and 76 Buick Electra.
  12. 2015 verano buick battery has hole in it

    You said nothing about a fuse in your initial post, what fuse?
  13. Change farenhiet to celcius

    Agree, you cant pick and choose, its one or the other.
  14. 1976 Electra power windows/seats/antenna not working.

    You didnt see the second diagram that covers your year and shows the fuse box and other circuits?
  15. 2015 verano buick battery has hole in it

    Did you receive any paperwork when you bought the battery that indicates any warranty or liability?
  16. Just joined the club

    welcome to the forum
  17. 1976 Electra power windows/seats/antenna not working.

    You didnt get an owners manual? Try this link Repair Guides
  18. Got a question about brakes on my 04

    The improper bolt could break under heavy brake applications resulting in an accident.
  19. Transaxle info and TSB resources?

    go to this site, search by vehicle, and look at the manufacturers communications which are the TSB's. Check for Recalls: Vehicle, Car Seat, Tire, Equipment
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