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  1. Drakito

    O1 buick park. Need help with super charger issues. changed coupler, still noisy.

    There are several rebuild guys on 3800 and ebay that have stellar reviews. Swapping mine to Gen V was a hassle as I have an intercooler. I had to move my alternator up and back, rerun PCV, tap the throttle body, all sorts of small stuff that adds up quickly. It's nice as I have much lower...
  2. Drakito

    2000 Buick Park Avenue Coolant Temperature Sensor

    It just unbolts. You may have to remove some radiator hoses, the intake ducting and other small stuff to get better access.
  3. Drakito

    PAU door locks, windows, mirrors not working

    The driver door latch wears out. It has the door pin built into it. If the latch is not reading correctly the BCM thinks either the door is always closed, or always open. Even if the door has different states of open and closed. Quick check on this is to open the passenger front door and see if...
  4. Drakito

    I need assistance getting the passenger rear door actuator out to replace it...2002 Park avenue

    The rods should pop straight up at the handle. A small screw driver or metal panel popper should be all that is required. It has a slight flare on the bottom of the rod to hold it into the plastic inserts. Pull the 4 10mm bolts holding the black metal brace out of the way as well. At the...
  5. Drakito

    2001 Park Avenue IAC valve removal

    Heat, cold, and shock are your best bets to remove them. Shock from a spring loaded center punch to the middle of the bolt. Heat from a drive cycle, and cold from an upside down dust off can will thermally shock the bolt.
  6. Drakito

    O1 buick park. Need help with super charger issues. changed coupler, still noisy.

    The dorman replacement coupler is an exact copy of the OEM piece, and cracks quickly. The other known issue is the snout bearing can go bad. Both can cause noise at the supercharger. Use a screwdriver or stethoscope and verify it is coming from the supercharger case, specifically where the...
  7. Drakito

    04 Park Ave Ultra Cruise Release Switch Adjustment

    They are quarter turn to release. You push in until it's where you want it, then turn it to lock.
  8. Drakito

    More than one radio fuse?

    Yeah, the lights are fused under the dash dimmer circuit and are separate from the radio power. The radio has the 2 under the seat, as well as some higher current fuses for the amplifiers. GM electronics. At least they aren't Lucas electronics.
  9. Drakito

    RPMs dropping sharply when coasting

    When the alternator was replaced, was the bracket brushed clean of rust with a wire wheel where the alternator body touches? The case of the alternator has to have a ground path and most of the time the bracket is covered in rust and the bolt is rusted inside. Clean it all up, then check the...
  10. Drakito

    lets see your park avenue

    03 PAU.
  11. Drakito

    Question On Boat Roller Motor Mount

    That's... Quite good. I like it. I used to fill mounts with window urethane and cure them in the oven at 200* over night to take the slack out. Firms them up enough, but no vibration. The front mount design on the 3800 you can't do that. Of course performance applications either get filled with...
  12. Drakito

    96 PAU Climate control stays on

    Door trigger for the driver door is not working. Open the passenger doors and I will bet it will immediately turn off. The driver door trigger is integrated into the latch mechanism and is stupid expensive.
  13. Drakito

    2004 park ave wobble

    There is no bearing that you can access without a full transmission removal and rebuild. The differential is over on the passenger side and a jackshaft runs the full length from the diff, through all the trans gears, and out to the driver side. All the thrust bearings and circular bearings are...
  14. Drakito

    Horn doesnt work on steering wheel

    The clock spring ring inside the steering column wears out with age, not with mileage, so it can hit at anytime. It requires the removal of the airbag, steering wheel, and others.
  15. Drakito

    2005 Park Avenue - Oil in Coolant

    If the oil level was checked prior to first start and it sat for a while draining, it will go down again when you start it. I always start and run for about 30 seconds, then recheck the oil level after about 1-2 minutes to let the filter get filled, lifters pump up, and oil passages get filled...
  16. Drakito

    1997-1998 front suspension difference

    From what I recall the 97 is the black sheep with different motor mounts, suspension, and other parts.
  17. Drakito


    No coil overs. Not one company has ever made them for the Park Avenue or Ultra. The rears have the coil separate from the shocks, the front is McPherson strut with OEM coil over, but non adjustable. You could measure the rear shock length loaded, jacked up, and compressed, then measure the...
  18. Drakito

    On/Off switch underneath steering column, back by brake pedal

    Probably an alarm switch. Is it quite small with a metal toggle?
  19. Drakito

    91 Octane or 87 + octane booster?

    If you fixed you 98 base model 89 octane is all you need. Non ethanol fuels are better in every aspect for power per gallon and storage capability, especially on a non modded daily driver. Any ethanol fuels have max 3 months storage, MAX. It separates out, corrodes, varnishes, and goes bad in...
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