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  1. atomicbee

    Wheel Bearing failure at 64,000 KM's

    yep mine is starting to make the whining noise so I decided on getting the MOOG brand instead of the OEM...hope they last!
  2. atomicbee

    Keyfob not recognized

    yes interesting and makes sense, have to check my spare key fob and apply my micrometer to check the battery thickness and brand name
  3. atomicbee

    Keyfob not recognized

    I have never changed my Key fob batteries since I purchased the car new in Dec 2013 BUT I did have key fob problems when the battery was acting up about 3-1/2 years after purchase. I got a new battery under warranty and magically the keys worked again. Below is some Buick owners Manuel...
  4. atomicbee

    Keyfob not recognized

    something does not sound right is this the car original battery?
  5. atomicbee

    oil capacity on a 2015 regal gs fwd????

    Hi Ken,did you drive the car for a couple of days and check when the engine is cold and on level surface?
  6. atomicbee

    Oil temp

    I have a P-1 Gauge that reads everything but oil temp and no OBD2 gauge to my knowledge that measures oil temp
  7. atomicbee

    New to me Regal

    Nice a Black beauty! Best of luck and have fun with her!
  8. atomicbee

    Oil Change time...

    5/30 Castrol GTX Full synthetic Dexos 1 Gen 2 approved or Castrol Edge-Using Castrol brand for 25 years and all my vehicles lasted beyond 300k mark-Transmission go with Mobil 1 112980 Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid
  9. atomicbee

    Rear calipers won't screw in to retract

    Not sure about 2011 model but I did a 4 wheel brake job with H/Freight tool and they compressed without any issue. FYI E-brake was not applied.
  10. atomicbee

    Curious water puddle

    Unless your AC drain tube is semi blocked, that picture looks like it coming from the home or cooler. Do you have the Home AC unit in that area?or drain line to the outside close to that location? I would put a sheet of cardboard under the engine bay and see if its stays dry for about a week...
  11. atomicbee

    oil capacity on a 2015 regal gs fwd????

    Hmm,Iam not shocked! you cannot even trust the dealer to do a simple oil change, hopefully there was not any engine problems down the line due to faulty maintenance
  12. atomicbee

    My 2014 turbo Regal review and trifecta update

    going on 4 years now, zero issues and better gas mileage. I just login and update tune every 6 months just to make sure nothing has changed. IPF does a lot of GM cars and has a presence in Europe
  13. atomicbee

    oil capacity on a 2015 regal gs fwd????

    too me overfilling the engine with oil does more damage, did you ever see or hear of a oil overfill light on any automobile? just a low oil warning light/code .If the oil in within the dipsticks low/full hash marks you are within engine operating specs. I "am not a GM engineer but that's my...
  14. atomicbee

    My 2014 turbo Regal review and trifecta update

    IPF Tune in Manuel mode with traction control off, power brake to spool the tubo and say goodbye to most who try me at light, surprised a V8 mustang just for fun...of course he caught up and passed me but come on people its only a turbo 4 not a ZR1 or Shelby! Never used the 0-60 function on my...
  15. atomicbee

    Premium vs Regular Fuel - 2014/2015 2.0L Turbo

    shell 92 octane since day one-get the rewards card and save 10 cents per gallon. Zero issues and plenty of power (IPF tune for 4 yrs)
  16. atomicbee

    oil capacity on a 2015 regal gs fwd????

    changing oil for 30 plus years I go by dipstick levels ONLY 5qts of Full synthetic puts it right at the full line. I drive the car for about 100 miles and check again still holding at full hash line.
  17. atomicbee

    My 2014 Buick GS

    now all you need is a IPF tune to really wake up that LTG engine!
  18. atomicbee

    How did you pick out your Buick?

    yep looked at the Chevy's ,Cadillac's, then down the rabbit hole of the Japanese/korean imports and came up in front of Buick dealer.Would love to get that AWD wagon how is the car so far? used or new?
  19. atomicbee

    My 2014 Buick GS

    Welcome and yes nice GS beauty- best of luck with her!!
  20. atomicbee

    Looking at Regals

    2014 AWD has not failed me yet-41,000 miles
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