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  1. Endangering Factory Warranty by adding equipment

    A GM OEM aux cooler will not cause issues with warranty but without the tow haul harness and switch will so the towing capacity will be lessened somewhat.
  2. Endangering Factory Warranty by adding equipment

    Without the aux. cooler your Enclave is rated to only tow 2000 lbs but adding a cooler will up towing cap. to 4500 lbs and no it won't be a problem with your Powertrain Warranty. I your going to tow close to the max. 4500 lbs. i would suggest you get the Tow/Haul kit which consists of the wiring...
  3. 2016 Enclave direct battery connect help

    There is a 12v terminal at the battery just look at the fuse box and there is a red cover over the cable from the battery, its used to jump start the vehicle so its good enough for your scooter.
  4. Auto Stop Start - GONE FOREVER

    This module will become obsolete when MFR's start using locked PCM's just like the C8 Corvette will have so enjoy it while you can.
  5. Towing package questions

    You will need the HD trans cooler, wiring for Tow/haul switch and larger radiator along with the hitch and wiring. to be able to tow over 2000 lbs.
  6. What model years to buy???

    End of a generation such as 2017 is the most improved and will be mostly trouble free.
  7. Recurring battery issue

    Buy a battery with larger Reserve Capacity Rating. . In 2012 Buick changed to a lower RCR and that is when the warning started to come on. The battery slowly looses capacity when it gets older thus the warning. I suggest an Odyssey AGM that has higher RCR. I will be changing mine out this...
  8. Towing

    Without the OEM tow package the Enclave is only rated at 2000 lbs. Tow pkg. consists of platform hitch, wiring harness,larger radiator,trans cooler and tow software and switch in dash.
  9. Xm satellite radio reception problems

    Dont argue with the dealership you will better results talking nice and if no help try another dealer.
  10. Bose Active Noise Cancellation in Used Enclave

    NO not until 2018 Enclave.
  11. 2013 Enclave Door Lock

    The BCM controls the locks and just about everything else but you might get lucky checking fuses and relays first.
  12. Bose Active Noise Cancellation in Used Enclave

    I have owned 2011,2014 and current 2017 all premium Enclaves that i ordered new and none have had noise cancelling technology on any of kind. 2018 is the first year it is available. The so called Frisbee you showed isnt OEM.
  13. Code U0121

    ABS and red brake lamp is on in the IPC. When trying to retrieve DTCs, the scan tool will not communicate with the EBCM. The scan tool will communicate with all other high and low speed GM LAN modules and some may have set a U0121 DTC against the EBCM. While performing normal diagnostics it...
  14. Remove the plastic panel underneath the steering wheel on my 2018 Buick Enclave Avenir

    The 2017 Service Manual is for the 1st generation Enclave. You will have to wait for 2018 to come available. Why do you want to tear apart a new vehicle thats under warranty?
  15. registered but unable to post

    Still waiting. Cannot reply. Do we have any moderators on here?
  16. registered but unable to post

    I too am registered and cannot reply to a post. :sad:
  17. What kind of innovations do you want to see for the next Buick Enclave?

    What I am saying is the MFR's need to better engineer the vehicles instead of pushing the durability on us the owner/drivers.
  18. What kind of innovations do you want to see for the next Buick Enclave?

    Well I have two and one is the key on a 2004 Monte Carlo SS Supercharged and it for the key in the dash, with 320 hp this issue is no problem for 80000 miles. The current 2014 has a recall for the fuel gauge in accurate and I wont go in for because calibrations will be an issue on other...
  19. What kind of innovations do you want to see for the next Buick Enclave?

    Maybe that why lots of people wont take there vehicles for lots of recalls. Guess I wont take my vehicles in for recalls.
  20. What kind of innovations do you want to see for the next Buick Enclave?

    The rest of the industry needs to slow down and engineer/durability test there vehicles so there are LESS recalls. Recalls cost lots of money and tarnish the vehicles. I myself hate to take my vehicles in for recalls, used to be it was to fix something that quit working and now its for something...
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