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  1. Most under-appreciated feature

    The digital speedo. Since turning in the Buick for a Lincoln, I miss the ease of looking at the digital speedo.
  2. Saying Farewell!

    It was a good ten months until last night, lol. Rear hub bearings in Michigan are a nightmare to remove! Anyways, decided to trade it in for a '16 Lincoln MKZ. All the bells and whistles for $16,500, with 36k on the clock. They're giving me $7500 for the Buick, I owe $10k on it, so I am...
  3. First Issue Owning it

    75,000 miles. '11 LaCrosse CXL. Got on the highway, ABS light/Stabilitrak light come on. Car shuts down as soon as I step on the brake. I have no steering control. Side of I-75, re-start the car. Get going, car is vibrating. Pull back over. Run the code. Left rear wheel erratic wheel...
  4. Debating on Trading-In the LaCrosse for a '14 Impala

    I owe a little over $10k on the car. '11 CXL. 73,000 on the clock. For the most part, good condition. Bought it with paint dings, etc. I got stuck with the base radio. I use a bluetooth device for my phone for music. The Impala is a '14 2LT. Has everything I want. 60,000 on the clock...
  5. 2011 Buick LaCrosse Floor Shifter Lights BRIGHT!!!

    Had an interesting quirk the other day, and cannot repeat it. Started the car, and the sifter lights were EXTREMELY bright. Like, HIGH POWER bright. Never seen it do that before. Could not remember seeing anything else out of whack. I adjusted the interior dash lights via the wheel, and...
  6. 2013 Buick LaCrosse Intellilink Bluetooth Question

    Question for the '13 owners: When you have your phone connected via bluetooth and play music (whether mp3's, or iPhone variant), are you able to change the songs via the touchscreen interface? Or, do you still have to use your phone to change the song? Does the song info display on the...
  7. "2011" LaCrosse Trunk Release

    I read that the 2011 was the only year besides later years to have the trunk release on the dash. Mine is a 2011 (8/10 manufacture). What gives? Was it those actually made in 2011 that got it?
  8. 2011 CXL Lurches With Foot off Pedal

    Was pulling into a parking space @ Home Depot yesterday, foot off brake and gas, and the car lurched forward. Nothing crazy, but it did. As-if the car got a slight tap of the gas pedal. Scared me. Made me question what happened. Never happened before. Today while driving, I felt like I...
  9. '11 LaCrosse Ear-Pounding Wind Buffeting Windows Down

    Had the rear windows down on the highway, and it had the sound of 15" subwoofers. It was so intense, my ears hurt. Decided to roll the front windows down, and it was the same! Oh my goodness, my head still hurts! Am I crazy, or does this car have terrible aerodynamics?
  10. Am I Driving Wrong

    '11 LaCrosse CXL. 20 mpg, mostly highway. 15 miles to work, 15 miles home. City driving, 5-10 miles in-between. Regular gas. I thought my dash was wrong showing 19.8 average, until I did the math (320 miles/16 gallons), and it was 20 mpg. I'm looking for that highway mileage . . .
  11. '11 LaCrosse Center Dash gauge Swap

    Is it possible to swap with one from a '12 or '13? The color one's?
  12. 2017 LaCrosse Loaner

    My dealer gave me a '17 LaCrosse loaner over the weekend. I can honestly say, I was highly disappointed. It felt like an everyday vehicle. Coulda been driving a used Malibu. It has an 8-speed tranny, with the auto-off engine feature. The tranny shifts three times before it gets to 25. An...
  13. Lost My Interior Lights

    Installed 194 LED bulbs in every bulb on the inside but glove box. Bulbs were fine till I installed the foot wells, and the center map light dimmed. At lunch I decided to add some resistance, and install a few of the original incandescent bulbs back in. I have no interior lights from all...
  14. Anybody Besides TheNewRven Done the Radio Upgrade

    I'm very interested in doing this, but I'm not going to pay $2500 for it. Anybody in the know? Any easier ways?
  15. New Member: '11 LaCrosse CXL

    Hey guys. I'll be holding onto this car till the wheels fall off, so I figured I'd introduce myself. I'm Mac. 32. Machine electrician. Bought it for $9500 with 64k miles. Wish it had more of the CXS features, but it doesn't, so it is what it is. I look forward to many years of meticulous...
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