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  1. Why do we Americans let the Europeans get the good cars?

    We are on vacation in Portugal and Spain and the car scene over here has really changed since my last visit just a few years ago. Station wagon are everywhere and really good looking ones similar in size to the TourX. The sedans and coupes are beautiful as well. My rental is a 520d and it is a...
  2. Seeking comments from 2017 owners

    I’m considering moving from my ‘13 GS to a ‘17 GS. The vehicle has DC 1 and 2 which is the primary attraction. I’d love to hear from anyone on here that might share their ownership experience with this model year. Thanks!!
  3. Just test drove 2019 GS

    Quite a car!! Very different than my ‘13 GS with the V6 and the up-to-date electronics. I thought the auto stop start was a non-issue which surprised me. Radio OK but not as good as my HK. The car had every option and was fun to drive. Seats very comfortable and car didn’t feel larger even...
  4. A little fun in my GS

    I’m on my way to the beach this morning and I come to a red light where there are two lanes but the thru traffic uses the left lane. Since there was no one in the right lane I pulled up and stopped at the light. Now I should mention that I’m 73 years young. The car to my left is a GTI with a...
  5. Anyone here move up from last GS to current GS?

    If so what do you think???? The good, the not so good, and the bad.....
  6. Did you buy a leftover?

    I’m thinking about negotiating on a leftover 2018 GS that the dealer has had on the lot for almost 300 days. Any suggestions as to how low to begin?
  7. Some reservations about new Regal

    I saw a new Sportback cruising south on Rt 24 in southeastern Massachusetts this morning. Loved the Smoked Pearl color but the car confirmed some reservations I have about buying one after I’m done with my 2013 GS: 1. Size: I know that it is larger and it looks it on the road. I’m not a big...
  8. Sport Red on GS gives red cars new meaning!

    I was in for service for my ‘13 GS and the dealer had just prepped a new GS in sport red which was sitting on the lot on a sunny day. WOW! I don’t remember ever seeing a better looking red car anywhere anytime. It is a stunning color. I must confess that I was afraid to drive the car because I...
  9. Sat in 2018 GS yesterday

    My 13 GS was in for a minor repair and the dealership had just received its first GS. I had a complete look at the exterior and the interior but I did not drive it. In short- a very nice car but I was not wowed! I remember the very first time I saw a 2011 Regal and I stopped dead in my tracks...
  10. Help may be on the way to turn off eAssist Automatic Engine Start/Stop!

    Just like Mrs Fletcher who fell and couldn’t get up... help may be on the way for those of us who DETEST start/stop nonsense. A report in this mornings Providence Journal about the 2019 Envision said that a button is being added to shut it off. Let’s hope the Regal gets this button!!
  11. Some thoughts about my GS

    I have owned a lot of cars. GM cars, VW cars, Audis and my 2011 Regal turbo that I drove for 3.5 years. I love cars and I set my sights on a GS awhile ago and bought my '13 just before Christmas. After trading in my turbo, I paid 12k for a car that had a sticker of 38k and had 10k miles on the...
  12. Made the jump from '11 TO4 to '13 GS

    Smokey Grey, Auto, Nav, 19", 10k miles CPO - major jump up from the '11 turbo! Who says old guys can't have fun!!
  13. What would you offer??

    Have my eyes on a 2015 GS automatic with 20" wheels. Dealer has had the car for 1.5 years and it has 300 miles on it, but never titled. Original MSRP about 40K . Asking 32K. What would you offer??
  14. Fun and Games on Vermont Route 100

    For those of you who are not familiar with Route 100 in Vermont, it is a two lane road full of twists and turns that runs north-south the entire length of the state and is considered to be one of the premier roads in the U.S. for driving enthusiasts. In the summer and fall, many groups of...
  15. Has this happened to you?

    I walked out of the grocery store yesterday and my Regal was parked in a prominent place. It was immediately clear that it was by far the best looking car in the entire lot and I wondered why they are not considered "hot". A real mystery to me.
  16. All weather floor mats for German Regals

    My dealer says that the Buick all weather mats are for Canadian built Regals only. Do any of you or Buick Customer Service know how to get ones that will fit in my TO4? I do not want Weathertech or Husky. Thanks!
  17. Very strange problem with infotainment screen

    I have talked with Buick and am taking my Regal in Tuesday, but I thought that I'd like to see if any of you have heard this one before: 2011 Regal TO4 with Nav. On Wednesday, when I started the car I heard a noise much like a chunk of snow falling on the roof. Infotainment screen was totally...
  18. 2011 Regal Automatic Climate Control

    My climate control system is not working properly. It clicks all of the time which usually means that one of the activators is faulty or that there is a problem in the control module. Have any of you had such a problem and had a fix that you can relate to me? I can tell from two conversations...
  19. Article that just appeared in the New York Times regarding Buick

    http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/12/business/buick-sheds-it-old-fogy-image-and-lifts-gm.html?_r=0 Not sure if you can link directly from this, but google NY Times article about Buick. It's a good one!
  20. It is springtime and Regals are suddenly popping up in my town!

    I bought my Regal on 10/1/13 and, up until last week, had not seen any other Regals in the affluent town that I live in...all Audi's, BMW's, Mercedes etc (although many Enclaves). A couple of days ago I drove to the center of town to do some errands and there were 3 other Regals parked in the...
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