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  1. 2017 Reliability Issues? CR Rating Drop

    The article in the Providence Journal was about transmission problems in 2018+ cars. I was not aware that CR had zapped the 2017 reliability.
  2. 2017 Reliability Issues? CR Rating Drop

    The article that I read this morning referred to the newer transmissions with more speeds. One or more of these was a GM/Ford collaboration and is having some problems.
  3. First snow, observations and questions

    With the blizzaks on your TourX you will feel like driving up the side of a building. I’ve seen reviews that feel your car’s system is superior to Quattro.
  4. 2020 TourX and GS

    If the Regal stays it will not be built in Germany and, in my opinion, the expense of setting up assembly lines elsewhere will be something GM will not do. The sad thing is that with some creative marketing and aggressive lease programs, GM could sell a load of Regals which would bring new...
  5. 2.0 Reliability Issues

    Might be good to compare the GM 2.0T with the VW/Audi 2.0T. The VW group has paid millions to replace pistons and rings due to excessive oil consumption. A few Buick’s had issues with the 2014 redesigned version of the engine. I’ve now owned two Audi 2.0 and two Regal 2.0 engines and there is no...
  6. Why do we Americans let the Europeans get the good cars?

    We are on vacation in Portugal and Spain and the car scene over here has really changed since my last visit just a few years ago. Station wagon are everywhere and really good looking ones similar in size to the TourX. The sedans and coupes are beautiful as well. My rental is a 520d and it is a...
  7. 2020 Buick Regal Refresh in China

    The Envision is selling.
  8. Seeking comments from 2017 owners

    I’m considering moving from my ‘13 GS to a ‘17 GS. The vehicle has DC 1 and 2 which is the primary attraction. I’d love to hear from anyone on here that might share their ownership experience with this model year. Thanks!!
  9. No Bluetooth phone book

    It may well be the phone and not the car. I had connection problems with my 6 but all is fine with my 10. When apple updates software things can change. Whenever you do have a problem it is best to clear everything out of the cars phone list and start over.
  10. Rear end oil leak on my 2018 Regal GS

    I find this thread very troublesome as there is really no excuse for something like this to be a problem. It makes me remember the Peugeot wagon we bought that was so bad we ended up in court (and won). I have been really happy with my ‘13 GS but this is putting a damper on getting a new one...
  11. Hopefully, a New '13 GS Owner, w/some questions?

    Congrats!!! You will find info on this forum about spare tires that fit into that space. The pump has been in my garage since I bought the donut. The 20’s are tough to fix and very expensive to replace so be careful around curbs and potholes. Enjoy!!
  12. Hopefully, a New '13 GS Owner, w/some questions?

    You will love it if you buy it. Mine is also grey but with an automatic and 19” rims. They are fun cars!!
  13. Hopefully, a New '13 GS Owner, w/some questions?

    Average current retail price is 11,775. With that in mind you can determine how much you want the car in terms of price My only other suggestion is to take the car for a one hour test drive and make sure that the tire pressures are correct before the drive. 35 Cold all the way around. If you...
  14. Spotted

    Saw a beautiful quicksilver TourX cruising through downtown Bristol RI this afternoon. Very handsome color for the wagon. [
  15. Regal GS- what gas do I have to use

    V6 GS uses 87 octane regular gas. The Sportback and TourX use 93 premium. These are the manufacturers recommendations.
  16. When can we expect to see the 2020 models?

    Very few indeed. Dealers in New England got some mid-summer and they all sold in two weeks or less. CarGurus currently lists 60+ nationwide. Rare car.
  17. Spotted

    I saw two TourX wagons a few minutes apart in Newport RI on Saturday and both of them were beautiful!
  18. New Buick Regal Discussion

    You are not alone...I can still remember the day that I was out walking in my neighborhood and first saw a silver 2011 Regal turbo. It was a work of art. Two years later I bought one and three years ago I traded it in for my 2013 GS. It still stands out in any parking lot and my prediction is...
  19. What did you do to your Regal today?

    I made a decision to keep my GS until sometime next year. I was trying to buy a ‘19 GS but couldn’t quite get the numbers where I wanted them. They are very hard to find. The amazing thing is that my car drives like it is brand new and does not have a single rattle at 75K. Fun to drive every...
  20. New Regal owner here, any tips?

    My ‘13 GS is about to hit 75K and it drives just as it did when brand new. I follow the maintenance instructions faithfully which is easy to do. I have always used 93 octane fuel as I did with my Audi 2.0 turbos. This is a great car.
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