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  1. 2007LucerneCXL

    Cold-blooded lesabre

    It may be the ambient air temperature sensor, it a guess as all items have been replaced.
  2. 2007LucerneCXL

    2008 Buick Lucerne Fuel Pump Relay

    Check your relay, Post #101 has the information and it's worth looking at the relay to be sure it's not the issue with the fuse box later.
  3. 2007LucerneCXL

    Oil leak

    Buy a new dipstick and have the correct o-rings, $12-15 online or box stores. As HotZ28 mentioned it may be worth checking if oil is coming out of the dipstick tubetube because of crankcase pressure.
  4. 2007LucerneCXL

    1952 Roadmaster PS Leak

    On the link from my post the shims are for tuning the steering putting in simple terms. As for trying the head gasket type spray you could remove all shims and take a micrometer with them clean and dry, then spray them and do another reading then determine if it is will become a issue. The...
  5. 2007LucerneCXL

    Manual Transmission For 89-91 Riviera? Brake Upgrades, Suspension Upgrades.

    The Pontiac G6 6-speed manual may be a option as it's FWD, but that's something you will need to find out more information on as with time and money you can make anything work. I have seen a 79 or 80 Riviera can't recall the year as it was long ago converted to RWD with a SBC, but the engine...
  6. 2007LucerneCXL

    2018 Cascada Radio died

    Unfortunately the Cascada was built in Poland so the parts source may be local, the EU. Getting local support is going to be at the level you have already experienced. As far as the program locked to the vehicle I know other people have had their radio reprogramed to their vehicle, maybe try...
  7. 2007LucerneCXL

    LeSabre emergency brake spring installation

    There is a tool J 37043 Parking Brake Cable Release Tool Here is instructions for a 2002 Lesabre.
  8. 2007LucerneCXL

    TourX Look-a-Like

    Well just rebadge the TourX it with these as no one really knows what a TourX is LOL
  9. 2007LucerneCXL

    2004 Park Avenue with no heat...

    #7, #33 and #38 are acuators, not sure what you are looking for or calling a actuator. Hopefully the shop may find the problem.
  10. 2007LucerneCXL

    2004 Park Avenue with no heat...

    You may have a actuator that is bad which would cause a no heat problem if the rest of the system checks out.
  11. 2007LucerneCXL

    1952 Roadmaster PS Leak

    This may help on additional information about the PS system and pump. 1952 Buick Power Steering and Power Steering Pump
  12. 2007LucerneCXL

    Headlamp Wiring Diagram??

    There's a free Chilton manual posted on the forum which has wiring diagrams. Go to Post# 19 for the new login and password. A meter may make chasing down a short easier than blub swapping. Free Chilton Online Repair Manual
  13. 2007LucerneCXL

    Free Chilton Online Repair Manual

    For anyone who is having a problem, go back to Post# 19, use the new Login Link only and use the new Password with that new Login Link only.
  14. 2007LucerneCXL

    Free Chilton Online Repair Manual

    Read the post above yours.
  15. 2007LucerneCXL

    Swap Interior Lamps, From LED to Incandescent?

    A sharpie marker may knock it down a bit, worth a try as the lamps are going to be replaced.
  16. 2007LucerneCXL


    The Cascada was built in Poland, not sure how that is different than the vehicle's that Buick rebadge from Germany, China or Korea. Welcome to Buickmart.
  17. 2007LucerneCXL

    Service Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    Depending if the TPMS sensors are original they may be at the end of life cycle. There isn't a set time or milage for replacement on the wheel sensor 5 - 10 years, but you may want to have them reset again and see if the problem comes back. Also because of the weather it may take some additional...
  18. 2007LucerneCXL

    Adding Rear Speakers?

    Keeping the OHM's the same is usually the first challenge. Not sure on yours but most are 4 ohm speakers, so the new ones will have to match what is installed. If you are not clear on how to set it up seeking a technical person or shop to at least get you a list of what parts are needed may be...
  19. 2007LucerneCXL

    Really weird issue.

    Here's another 2001 lesabre forum posting on a somewhat similar problems and possible options to try. 2001 LeSabre won't turn over
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