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  1. 1994 Park Avenue VIN "L" EGR Problem

    SES light comes on, stores P1406 EGR code. Tech 2 data indicates the following: Testing with engine running, trans in drive range, brake on, slow acceleration. Desired EGR Position...normal operation, goes up & down with throttle position. Actual position does not always follow desired...
  2. 1994 VIN "L" Intake Gaskets

    RE: 1994 Park Avenue, 3.8 VIN "L".... My '94 P/A has 61K miles and has begun to "seep" or "weep" coolant along the top outer edge of the LIM. I've ordered a replacement UIM, gaskets & seals, etc. I will replace them along with the LIM gaskets soon. This is a request for review of the...
  3. GM tech needs help, '88 Park Avenue VIN C

    Misfire on #3 cyl. 123,000 miles, regular maintenance, AC Delco parts. I have three 3.8's in the family, so I stock parts in the shop. I replaced the Magnavox ign module, Delco ign wires, plugs, coil pack & fuel filter mostly because of age & mileage. I did have one ignition module go out...
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