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  1. Tranny fluid for1995 regal

    Can you use dexron vI in the 1995?Thanks!
  2. 1995 buick regal leaking mysterious fluid

    There is a small puddle of something light green, right in the center of the car under the oil drain, but I don't think it's antifreeze. It doesn't smell and it's not filmy like antifreeze, Its watery.My mechanic told me I have an ac leak, could it be from the compressor? The refrigerant would...
  3. tranny

    How are the trannys on the 04 lesabre? Mine was down a quart of fluid and the gears were kind of banging , not too bad , but not good. I added a quart , and it seems ok on short trips . Anyone have this problem ? Thanks
  4. 95 regal stickey shifter button

    Is there anything I can do about a sticky shifter button? We step on the brake, and try to depress the button , but it wont go to easy . Can this be lubricated , and where?
  5. Security light on dash

    Hi , I have a 1995 buick regal, 3.8 100k mi. Its running pretty good ,but the security light on the dash is on. All the doors,hood and trunk are latched ,and the gas cap is tight . Any ideas whats causing this? Thanks!
  6. running lights

    I have an 04 lesabre. Is there a way to shut the daytime running lights simply? Thanks
  7. 95 regal turns over slow when hot

    My 95 regal 3.8L has 100k mi.When hot and starting ,it turns over slow.When cold it starts fine.Whats that about?
  8. Question about engine

    I have a 2004 lesabre, 3.8 .This engine has a cast iron block and aluminum heads ,right? Just wondering.Thanks!
  9. Battey compartment

    I have a 04 lesabre limited. How do you take the seat off to get at the battery?Is it the bottom cushion? also how do you put it back? Thanks!
  10. oil pressure

    My oil pressure is reading 130 psi from the onboard electronic pressure gauge in the DIC . Is that ok? it says normal. At first when I started the car today the red oil light stayed on and the DIC was chiming. Then it went away. I have changed the oil 3 weeks ago, it is still full ,and clean ...
  11. Trunk tie down

    Any body know a good way to tie the trunk down on a 04 lesabre?When I put a large object in there it seems there is nothing to latch a bungy chord to.Thanks!
  12. Air conditioner vents

    I just turned on my air conditioner for the first time since i bought the 04 Lesabre in December. The two passenger side vents blow cold air, and the two driver side vents blow much warmer air, but not hot. How do I fix this, so they are all blowing cold air ,I have the temp set as low as it goes.
  13. oil change

    Just for laughs, how many miles do you go before an oil change . I'm using conventional 10-30.I'm thinking of going 5,000 mi.
  14. Bracket 2004

    There is a steel bracket sticking out of the front of the engine,black and rounded off about 2 inches long,kind of a right angle, above the exhaust manifold and close to the spark plugs on the right side of the motor facing the motor. Does anyone elese have this or know what this is? Is it a...
  15. Battery Gauge

    My battery gauge reads 11.9 volts on a cold day ,most of the time 12.2 volts after the car has been sitting. When you start it up it goes up to 15 volts. It says normal on the gauge ,but I have read that if your battery reads below 12.2 to 12.4 your battery is too low on charge. It says in our...
  16. Nu-Finish

    I asked the guy at the auto parts store what wax or polish to use and he said Nu-Finish. Any reasons not to use this stuff? How about positive results? Thanks!
  17. valve ticking

    My motor runs pretty smooth,but it seems like one or two valves are ticking.I should probably just live with it,right?
  18. air filter

    Is it tricky to change the air filter on a 2004?What should you be careful of? Thanks!
  19. transmission and a noise

    It seems my transmission jumps occaisionally if I accellerate from a stop too quickly. It will slip a little then jerk forward. It usually won't do this if I'm careful to accelerate slowly. What does this mean? Also when I first turn on the key, there is a noise from the back of the car, I was...
  20. Windshield washer lines

    I have a 2004. My drivers side washer line is broken . I tried sticking a pin in it to clear the wiper hole. when I put on the washer the fluid leaks under the car . The passenger side works. Is there a way to access the lines without much trouble ? Thanks!
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