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  1. Hvac

    MY 2016 Lacrosse HVAC system is blowing HOT air on the left side and Cold air on the right side. Went to the selling Dealer 3 times for the same condition, was told no problem found, leave the Dealer and on the way home maybe 1 ore 2 miles away it dos it again. I cant believe there is noting in...
  2. Dashlights

    MY dash lights are very dim??? The Dealer tells me to turn up the rheostat to make them more visible. The head lights are on most of the day, even at 2PM in the afternoon, they say car has to face into the sun. I don't always drive into the sun, my 1994 Park avenue and 2011 Lucerne the automatic...
  3. Fob

    :confused:I am having problem with my 2016 Lacrosse. When we bought the Car, the Car would recognize either Fob when we went into the Car. NOW the last person in, is in the memory for the seat and mirror, when I get in with my Fob and start the car, it still goes to the first Fob setting and dos...
  4. Fob

    2016 Lacrosse dos not recognize my Fob.:sad:
  5. Mirror

    I have a 2016 Buick Lacrosse, the owner manual says there is a side rearview mirror Glass with the turn indicator on certain models. I went to the selling Dealer and asked about ordering the Glass with the indicator, and he said there is no such option available. I am wondering if any one in...
  6. Earnings

    Anyone have GM MasterCard look at your Earnings, mine Disappeared. Lost $3,490.20 Went to look at a new Buick the dealer asked how my Earnings are?? When I came home looked at my statement and it said $266.22. Contacted GM Card and they said all I have is $266.22, they said I joined in 2014. I...
  7. Exhaust noise

    I have a 2006 cxl 6 cylinder, that is making an Exhaust noise that every one can hear except the dealer mechanic. If it is not in the Computer than there is no problem. Has anyone have or heard of this condition, it is driving my wife and me crazy.:sad:
  8. Leaking Exsaust

    I have 2006 V6 CXL, sounds like the rear manifold or the round donut is leaking, the Buick Dealer says no problem found. but you can hear it in the Car when seating at the stop Light, also sounds like something is against the fire wall raterling around. Had it by my selling Dealer and by the...
  9. Tire pressure

    Using the DIC, press the vehicle information button until the LEARN TIRE POSITIONS message dos not displays.
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