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  1. Cell phone mounts in Regal

    Here is a side view and a view without the phone. I wanted a stable mount no vibrations and a way to manage the charging cord. With this mounting location I tucked my cord between the carpet and plastic on the passenger side of the console. I see I have a couple of fellow Waze users, are...
  2. Back to a Buick after 20 years.

    Here it is after tint and a bath.
  3. Cell phone mounts in Regal

    What are people using for cell phone mounts? I installed a RAM X-Grip in my new to me 2015 Regal. I like to run a navigation app (Waze) on my phone when driving.
  4. Back to a Buick after 20 years.

    Recently traded my 2012 Chevy Maibu 2LZ off on a 2015 Buick Regal Premium 1. Been a GM fan all along and wanted a mix of sporty and luxury, the Regal fit the bill. The car was a rental return with 9300 miles, so far am loving the car and the power of the 2.0 Turbo.
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