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  1. push button start

    I've see a white face start button for the verano. I've looked for one and cannot seem to find one. does anyone know where i can get one? I'm sure it for a turbo V but would like to addict it to my V My wife scratched the one i have so it has ugly look now.. TIA
  2. having problem with IPOD

    I'm having a problem with my IPOD and the usb connection. it plays find for a while then the IPOD freezes up. what is odd is that I can use it in other cars for hours with out problems. not sure what the dealer can do to help but thought I woudl ask here first. any ideas would be appreciated...
  3. anybody play ODO poker?

    I just turned 33333. always funny when it comes up with a good poker hand. love the car. bought it Feb '12 it's the leather edition. would not change a thing except the driver side mirror does not dim. but that is just nik picking. Hope you all are enjoying your car as much as I am.
  4. Does the Regal GS 20" wheels fit the V?

    I love the look of those wheels. does anyone kno wif they will fit and if the tire sensor is the same? TIA
  5. V Turbo vs Acura ILX review.
  6. For those of you that are looking for a spart phone holder for your car.

    I use this one and it really is a great unit. I also use it for my GPS to keep it out of the way. only $20. Like I said I have it and really like it alot!
  7. Stock tires Suck in Snow

    here in Michigan we got our first real snow. I figured the tires would be a bit of an issue considering there tread design. What I didn't plan on is they suck. hardle any grip slide all over the place. that is while driving like a blue hair. I guess I may have to invest in some Blizzataks. I put...
  8. I'm off to the dealer!!! :(

    I have a couple of issues that need to be taken care of, so off to the dealer it goes on Friday. I have a 12 Verano, leather edition, intellink, bose, heated seat and wheel, sunroof, spoiler, the spoiler came loose over the weekend. I tried to tighten it back down but it is right on the...
  9. first long trip

    I live in lansing Michigan, last week we drove to Tunica Miss. it's about 45 minutes south of Memphis. the car ran great, we had the air on all week. there on a tank and a half of gas. turned 31.7, 31.9 31.7 and 28.9 the last one was driving all around memphis. highway was 75-77 mph the...
  10. Can you add Nav to to the touch screen?

    I was wondering if we could add the Nav to the touch screen. Seems like it sould not be to big a deal other than maybe the cost. any one Know?:confused:
  11. misc stuff for sale

    I had a 99 Regal LSX and have some things sitting in the garage that I thought someon may want. 2 grey LSX floor mats $60 shipped complete front end bra. 3 pieces, 2 hood and one lower piece. $100 shipped. 4 LSX center cap stickers. $15 shipped. thanks for considering send me a PM
  12. random Source change in audio

    for the past week or so I've been having a random source change. I have my IPod plugged into the USB slot. every now and then it will stop playing and go to the radio source. I have to unplug the Ipod and plug it back in for it to work. I've also had it go from XM to AM. Not sure what is going...
  13. screen froze up then went blank

    I got in the car last night and the radio was on an AM station. I started the car and hit the source button to listen to something else. no reaction, I hit a different station button, same results. hit the power button, NOTHING. shut off the car, started it back up and had a blank screen and no...
  14. I was lucky she was not stolen

    I have no idea what happened, but I went to a golf show. Pulled into a parking space. I pushed the start/stop button, opend the door and pushed the lock button on the door pull. Ok, no problem right? Well when I came out of the golf show and got near the car i thought I heard the engine running...
  15. my impressions of the Verano after 1000 miles

    I've had my 12 Verano for 1 1/2 weeks. have put just under 1k miles on it. so I'll give my impressions of what I think. You may feel differently. The car; Black, leather edition, Bose, Spoiler, sunroof, heated seats and steering wheel. I live in the countly so my travel to and from work is...
  16. Speaker adjustment help

    ok I have the Bose, and I cannot get the speakers to adjust the way I want. the problem is the center speaker seems to be the only thing putting out sound. I've adjusted the fad and balance and it does change the cound so I know the other speakers are working but it seems that the front center...
  17. picked her up last night

    that's right. all black, leather edition, sunroof and spoiler.... only option not on her was the nav!!! what a nice car!
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