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  1. Check Lane Departure System

    Is there a way to easily disable the Lane Departure System in my 2008 Lucerne so that I don't keep getting the Check Lane Departure System message at startup? Pulling a fuse possibly?
  2. Power Door Lock

    The power door lock for the rear left-hand passenger seat in my 2008 Lucerne just quit working. I believe it is the actuator that will need to be replaced. Has anybody done this themselves and if so, how big a project is it?
  3. Magnetic Ride Control

    Does anyone know what the anticipated life if for the Magnetic Ride Control shocks?
  4. Preventive Maintenance

    I have a 2008 Lucerne CXS with 104,000 and plan to get another 100,000 out of it. However, in order to avoid costly repairs while I am on the road, I am thinking about having some preventive maintenance done now. Serpentine belt, hoses, spark plug wires, etc. Does anyone have any other...
  5. Taking on Water!

    I have a 2008 Lucerne CXS. We have had a lot of rain here in Missouri the last few weeks and a couple of days ago, I noticed there was a spot on the carpet on drivers side where my foot rests all the time that looked wet. This spot is worn pretty badly and when I pressed on it my finger went...
  6. 2014 LaCross

    I have been wondering what I will buy to replace my 2008 Lucerne CXS. I hate to give up my V8, but the 2014 LaCrosse does look sweet!
  7. No Air Conditioning

    It's finally warming up here in Missouri, but when I turned on the ac today ... just hot air. The compressor light came on, the light changed to signify recirculating interior air, but warm air. Does an 08 Lucerne CXS take freon? If so, anyone know what sort of money I am looking at to get it...
  8. Surge With Speed Control

    I have a 2008 CTS with about 60,000 miles. I have lately begun to notice a intermitten "surge" when going downhill with the speed control on at highway speeds. Anybody else experience anything similar?
  9. CXS vs Super

    I know the CXS is no longer available and I realize the grille is different on the Super. However, can someone tell me the mechanical differences between the CXS and Super? Thanx
  10. Heated Washer Fluid

    I read where GM was having a recall on the windshield washer fluid heating unit, but haven't received any notice of this for my Lucerne. Anybody know the status of this recall?
  11. "Service Lane Departure System"

    I get this message on fairly rare occassions when starting my car. I can turn it off and then re-start it and the message goes away and the system works fine. Has anyone else had a similar problem or heard of any service notices about this from GM? Thanks.
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