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    For Sale 2011 buick lacrosse - AZ car -- in MN

    AZ car- 2 winters in MN , CXS WITH EVERY OPTION- Nav/ leather / heated and vented seats/ HUD / sport shift pkg/ duel rear dvd screen / moonroof/ weathertec floormats -- I had 1 injector go out, so I put In all 6 new injectors / plugs / thermostat and valve cover gaskets while they were in...

    2011 CXS -- Key not recognized when shutting off.

    In the spring I swapped out for my summer rims and reset the TPS sensor . . . .ever since then it randomly will say "key not found". . . . and pretty much every time mostly when the door is open and I hit the button to turn the car off . . .it states " no remote detected - push brake to start...

    2011 CXS Performance chips

    I have a 2011 Lacrosse CXS and was wondering if anybody knew if putting in a performance chip was worth it?. . or what is a good brand to use? Also wondering is swapping to a square K&N filter makes a difference or do I need the round cold air intake? Thanks, Ben

    2011 Lacrosse DVD issues.

    I have the factory DVD player, and every time I shut off the car I have to eject the dvd and re put it in to make it work for the kids in the back seat. . . . .am I doing something wrong?? Thanks, Ben
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