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  1. Regal11

    Prospective TourX owner questions

    Even though these vehicles are branded as "Buick" make no mistake, these are not domestic vehicles. The Regal Sportback and TourX are made in Germany by Opel. My pervious vehicle was a 2011 Buick Regal, also made in Germany. I got 9 years and over 120K miles before I traded in. My experience has...
  2. Regal11

    My version of the Buick Sport TourX

    That looks incredible!!!! Well done!
  3. Regal11

    Parts issues are resolved

    I'l glad to hear that some parts are starting to come in. I'm still waiting on a seatbelt (waiting since April)
  4. Regal11

    Wanted WTB: 20" Cascada or 19" Regal GS (2018+)wheels

    Have you looked at Auto Parts Market
  5. Regal11

    Buick Regal Sports Tourer project

    You'll have to post pictures once its complete. Cant wait to see it
  6. Regal11

    Parts Issue due to UAW Strike

    Its stories like this that really concern me about the Regal Sportback/ TourX. I reached out to an Opel dealership and Opel has the part I need (seat belt) but GM can't for some reason. I fear that GM is no longer providing parts support since Opel was sold off in 2017. I love my Regal but if...
  7. Regal11

    For Sale Buick Regal GM OEM 2019 Sportback Front Grille

    Reducing price to $250 and I'll include free shipping within the continental US.
  8. Regal11

    Resistance when moving the outside mirror

    I'd say bring it to the dealer and have them fix it. My mirrors tilt down, when in reverse, seamlessly.
  9. Regal11

    Parts Issue due to UAW Strike

    Its so disheartening to read that parts shortages were an issue before COVID. I'm waiting on a new seatbelt. Discovered the Regal had a trunk leak about three weeks after I bought it. Needed to have the rear seat pad replaced as well as one of the rear seat belts (39224932). The part was ordered...
  10. Regal11

    Looking for drivers side headlight housing

    I'd recommend checking out Auto Parts Market
  11. Regal11

    For Sale Buick Regal GM OEM 2019 Sportback Front Grille

    Buick GM OEM 2018-2020 Regal Sportback Front Bumper Grille-Upper Grille . This came off a 2019 Regal. Condition is Used. This grille is for Regals NOT equipped with automatic cruise control (ACC). Buyer to pay shipping cost. Asking $275 for the grille. PM me and I'll calculate the shipping cost.
  12. Regal11

    Unsolicited compliments keep coming

    I totally agree! I feel like the overall marketing for the Regal and TourX was non-existant. Its no wonder that sales were terrible. I almost wonder if it was due to GM selling off Opel?
  13. Regal11

    For Sale 2011 Buick Regal OEM wheels and winter tires

    Yes, still available I'm in Manchester NH
  14. Regal11

    New here - contemplating a used Regal GS but worried about parts, reliability, etc.

    I personally wouldn't let that deter you from getting the vehicle. They are made in Germany. I recently upgraded from a German built 2011 Regal that I bought new and when I traded it in have over 120K miles. I think they are really well built vehicles. From my experience COVID threw a wrench in...
  15. Regal11

    Wanted 2011 regal headlights

    Check out Auto Parts Market
  16. Regal11

    For Sale 2011 Buick Regal OEM wheels and winter tires

    Set of four 2011 Buick Regal OEM wheels with Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires. Tires are used but there is about one more winter season of tire tread left. Tire size is 235/50R18. The wheels should fit Regal model years 2011-2017 with the 5x120 bolt pattern. Asking $450. Would prefer local pickup only
  17. Regal11

    Exterior Updates- Lets see them!

    That looks absolutely incredible!!!!
  18. Regal11

    Do you use regular or premium? LTG engine.

    I use 93 octane in mine since that's what's recommended by GM
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