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  1. For Sale BUICK 3D Emblem Stainless Steel License Plate Frame

    BUICK 3D Emblem Stainless Steel License Plate Frame Rust Free W/ Caps I bought this license plate frame a few days ago and I can tell you that it is a good product. I was using the black plastic ones that the car dealer gives away to advertise his store. The price is $19.79 or make offer. It...
  2. Changing Engine Air Filter.

    Can I just use a regular screwdriver to remove the Air Filter housing, or I have to go buy torx screwdriver ? Also do I need to remove the electrical connector on top of the housing and also loosen the air intake clamp? Thanks.
  3. Consumer Reports playing games with Enclave rating

    The Enclave got a very high road score of 87, but CR lowered the overall score to 56 because they didn't like the non-electric sunshade for the sunroof, didn't like the gear selector, nor the two-way lumbar support. They wanted four-way lumbar support instead. I kid you not. Truely a ludicrous...
  4. Buick is down to only one car

    For now, Buick executives say they aren't concerned about the shrinking car lineup, which will lose the LaCrosse large sedan following the scheduled end of production for the domestic market next month, and the Opel-derived Cascada convertible that will end production this summer. That will...
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