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  1. CorvairGeek

    Fuel air ratio problem has me in tears!!!

    Check the resistance of the temperature sender for the ECM. If the computer thinks the engine is cold, you would get these symptoms. Let us know what the codes are. If one of them is for temperature sense open, if would definitely give these symptoms. The 3300 is an excellent engine. I love...
  2. CorvairGeek

    New member

  3. CorvairGeek

    Wanted Armrest Console 96 Park Avenue

    Recently, a 96 PA came into one of the yards I frequent. I can take a look at it the next time I am there. I'm in Idaho, so shipping could be high.
  4. CorvairGeek

    95 buick century door light switch problem.

    Glad you found it, but sorry to hear what a pain.
  5. CorvairGeek

    65 skylark convertible

    Can't help but love the '65! The sharpest looking A-body of the era in Skylark form.
  6. CorvairGeek

    Buick Century A body rocker panel replacement

    I understand from the A-body forum that the spring perches on the rear axle are prone to failure, as well as where the trailing arms mount (visible under the back seat). IIRC, anecdotally, one of the rear axle spring mount designs ('82-'92 small spring pocket, '93 - '96 large) was more prone to...
  7. CorvairGeek

    1992 Park Avenue

    Do I remember correctly, that there are no 'stand up' hood ornaments in your locale? I don't recognize the emblem on yours. All the U.S. spec cars ( both the PA and PAU) had a hood ornament. I love seeing these variations.
  8. CorvairGeek

    Buick Century A body rocker panel replacement

    I can very gladly say I have not. I live in the high desert. Ours are still completely painted underneath, and the white '96 still has the original exhaust stem at 198K miles. The blue one is now at 248K miles. Grew up in Ohio, rust makes me sad. There wasn't much left of my poor Corvair in...
  9. CorvairGeek

    turn signals do not flash when stalk is engaged, but hazzards do flash when engaged

    Hazards and turn signal flashers are different.
  10. CorvairGeek

    AC Expert Opinion Please… Does the AC compressor need to be replaced?

    " The V5 (variable displacement) compressor was used & available in 1996, not any that I recall before that? The HR6/HD6 was common during the previous years." Those all appear around '85. The load and NVH of the R4 (pancake POS, I own 2 of them) was too much for the new FWD cars, IMHO. The V5...
  11. CorvairGeek

    95 buick century door light switch problem.

    That explains why I haven't seen it. I had a suspicion it was in the latch assembly. I knew that seat belt retractor reel solenoids were not part of the equation. I've had them disconnected for years. No need to have them automatically release and eject us. The only downside (but not really) is...
  12. CorvairGeek

    95 buick century door light switch problem.

    There is a module in the 'Convenience Center' which controls the seat belt solenoids, courtesy lights (but only when triggered by the front doors) and reminder chimes. It is not located anywhere convenient in the Century. It is in the dash in front of your left knee, on the inside of the dash. I...
  13. CorvairGeek

    95 buick century door light switch problem.

    The FSM doesn't help much. I have not personally seen the switches inside the doors, and I've been in there plenty. I assume they are at the door latch assembly, but that is just a guess.
  14. CorvairGeek

    215 engine PCV system

    Chances are good that it didn't have one new, unless it was a Cali vehicle. Does it still have the road draft tube sticking out from the bottom of the engine?
  15. CorvairGeek

    95 buick century door light switch problem.

    If it is a tiny, 2 pin connector near the arm rest, that is there for the light in the arm rest in the Limited models. Both my Century Special and Custom have the connector (unused).
  16. CorvairGeek

    95 buick century door light switch problem.

    Everything is inside the doors on these cars (unfortunately), unlike the switches in the door frames of the rear doors, or in the door frames of the front doors of the older cars. The is all because of the door mounted seat belts, and the need for them to release when the door handle is...
  17. CorvairGeek

    Phone, unavailable message

    See if you have an aftermarket module plugged in instead of the OnStar module behind the carpet in the passenger's side of the trunk.
  18. CorvairGeek

    I don't know where to jack up my Century besides the pinch welds

    The jack stand in use is under the car is resting in the reinforced jacking pad of the '82-'96 body. I lifted it under a reinforced area of the engine cradle to allow me to put the jack stand in place. The '97 to '05 car is similar. Do look very carefully before lifting. There are fuel and brake...
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