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  1. 2013 Noise Cancelling Oddity

    Took the Encore to Nashville last week..... Going, we packed lite and all was well. Returning, we brought home a carload of equipment and found an oddity with the Noise Cancelling Subwoofer. We had packed car the night before, jumped in the next morning and upon startup..... at idle - we heard...
  2. Battery Replacement

    25K miles, garage kept, 6 months beyond 3 years My wife had mentioned that it “Sounded kinda hesitant” when starting. I tried it and it seemed just fine. 1 week later, it left me High & Dry on my way to church. Stopped at Sheetz, got a paper, fired up & was about to pass the pumps but noticed...
  3. Lil’ Squirrely In Snow With Stock Tires

    All set now - built a tire rack in the garage to hold two sets Thankfully, my local NTB took 18 wheels & Tires off me - no charge. (had them piling up in the basement) Seems no one wanted 1980 Chevy citation nor 1984 Fiero Wheels & Tires..... (can you believe it) :blink:
  4. Lil’ Squirrely In Snow With Stock Tires

    Now "More Prepared" for Winter Went for a 16" x 7.5" Wheel & 215/65R-16 WS80 Again, granted it "GOES" quite well without - but should STOP even better now.
  5. Manually Deactivating AWD?

    Just pondering…… Does anyone know if it’s possible to Deactivate the AWD? My thinking is….. I really only need it when driving on wet or snow covered roads and it has to be somewhat a waste on MPG on dry pavement and an extra wear on the drive train. Yes, I know it...
  6. Sound Canceling question

    As a sideline….. I’ve always pondered, does it really do anything & can it be turned on/off to test/validate?
  7. Buick Encore Forum Sections - Maintenance,How To,Pictures,Detailing,etc. - thoughts?

    Sounds great… Being a DYI guy & keeper of cars well beyond their normal use……. – I’m all for it. (anyone need 250 photos of the underside of the 2013) :)
  8. Wiring harness on spare tire?

    Welcome Pwhited Search: Subwoofer and you'll find photos and other's write-ups on the Unit :)
  9. Rear Bumper Protector?

    Has anyone seen / purchased a Rear Bumper Protector / Guard? I know it’s kinda like “Closing the Barn Door after the Horse left”…. But I scratched up my wife’s back bumper placing a huge Bass Guitar cabinet in it (that she didn’t want me to buy anyway) so now I’ve got to kinda make it...
  10. Air filter location

    Hood Open - Looking at the Motor - on the Left
  11. Any problems taking the Encore through an automatic car wash?

    Not making fun..... just have not been to a Car Wash in 40 years Love washing cars!
  12. Lil’ Squirrely In Snow With Stock Tires

    Had the opportunity to be caught in a bit of snow over the weekend. (AWD) Love how it pulls out in a straight line on a snow covered up hill.:cool: Not all excited (yet) how it pulled out when making a Left turn from a stop. :sad: Seemed the rear wants to catch up with the front?? Had...
  13. Rear headrests - up or down?

    I "Think" there was a button to push? - Will take another look tonight so..... much better now :)
  14. Cabin Air Filter

    Here is what I put in our's - same size. Granted differing pleats but a more reasonable price.
  15. Radio Reboot?

    2013 - AWD, 12k miles - Std Radio / Infotainment System 3 blocks from home and the Radio Display goes blank & reboots. My wife said this has happened a few times. Goofy... Anyone else? joe
  16. Rear Seat Center Belt Tensioner Issue

    All's well. New Seat Belt (& tensioner) installed. Only visible evidence of the replacement is that the New Belt is still a bit folded (as if it was packed in a box) - I'm sure that will work it's self out in time. I've no idea of how they got inside the “seat back” - but it all...
  17. Heads Up! Recall Notice

    Trouble locating just where you are speaking of.... so I took a few photos....
  18. Rear Seat Center Belt Tensioner Issue

    Folded down the Seat Backs this weekend, now I can’t seem to return the larger one? Been done before with no issues. Seems the Belt Tensioner will not release allowing slack to return the Seat Back? Lifting up hard only seems to pop the top cover mount off it’s snap Plan is to...
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