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  1. Software Updates

    I have a 2013 Verano purchased March, 2013. I've had it to the dealer several times for oil change, etc. Each time I requested that they check for any software updates. Each time they said there weren't any. I find this hard to believe that in over two years of ownership, there have been no...
  2. Question about cooling fan

    My car has been in the garage for several days. Started the engine today and noticed that the engine fan was on. Since the fan is electric, I assumed that the fan should go on and off according to the engine temp. as other vehicles I have owned. Dos everybodys fan run constantly.?
  3. heated steering wheel

    For those who have the heated steering wheel- How hot does it get? Mine only seems to get warm, not hot. I seem to recall it getting warmer. Thanks, in advance for your response.
  4. Question on Auto climate operation

    When I have my auto climate system on, the a/c indicator is lit. In addition, it seems to always be on recirc. Is this the normal operation? By the way, it's a 2013 model.
  5. Navigation Initiallizing

    Prior to using my built in Nav system several days ago, when I turned on the radio I would get the screen showing my Sirius station. Now whenever I turn it on I get a message, "Navigation Initiallizing" after which it goes to the Nav menu screen. I then have to manually go to my Sirius radio...
  6. Climate Control Too Cold

    First really hot day today, 86 od temp. Set my climate control to 72 and it was freezing. Kept raising the setting until 82 deg. when it finally got comfortable. Any other vehicle I have owned with the auto feature, I would have set to either 70 or 72. Anyone else have this problem?
  7. Gracenotes question

    I tried some cd's in my vehicle today. I was surprised that there was no song title and artist listed while playing. I also used a usb drive that did list both the title and artist. Question: Shouldn't Gracenotes list the cd's info? Does anyone else see the same issue, or do I have a problem?
  8. New Owner

    Yesterday, I picked up my 2013 Red Verano, Leather pkg., Nav,Sunroof, and mats. So far, I am very pleased. Only negatives are: Can't believe that a vehicle with all the amenities that it provides doesn't have Homelink garage open r. I traded a 2010 Malibu which had it. Also, no power passenger...
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