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  1. Trifecta Customer Service?

    Does anyone have the ability to get ahold of Trifecta customer service? I sent my data log in through BNR about 5 weeks ago and STILL haven't gotten an update... A couple weeks makes sense- but 5 weeks is starting to seem a bit long. I appreciate any info you guys may have- thanks.
  2. 1st version Trifecta! Pros (and couple) cons-

    I recently installed the first version of my Trifecta tune- and I must say I'm very pleased with it thus far. It still needs some adjusting of course, but my initial impression is Happy Happy Happy! It pulls hard through 1st, on the edge of spinning but not quite (unless I push it), second pulls...
  3. ZZP intake power drop??

    I installed the IPF tune this weekend and was very pleased with the performance! Pulls hard and steady through the gears and runs very strong. However, today my ZZP intake arrived and I installed it... Had to run to the store as a few bolts they provided weren't long enough, and the seal around...
  4. MAP sensor --

    I know it's on here somewhere, I recently saw it but can't remember where.... Of course. Does anyone know offhand if the MAP sensor on the 11 CSX turbo is 2 Barr or 3? I thought somewhere if seen it say it was a 3- but that may be wishful thinking. Haha! Thanks guys- :cool:
  5. New to the forum- but not to turbo Buicks!

    Hello all- I recently picked up an 11 csx and am perusing the available performance mods and routes to accomplish them! I'm new to this generation- I did however have an 89 Turbo Trans Am (grand national engine) that I modified fairly extensively and ran right at 12 +/- in the 1/4, though I...
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