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  1. Replaced gas cap.

    It is a 4 dollar job it is supposed to be worth it no gas smell.
  2. 2002 buick rendezvous serpentine belt tensioner tool.

    Which one do I need to fit this buick ? Why doesn't the dealer loan or at least sell a good one ? Im sick of this garbage and you expect 82 thousand dollars for a new duramax truck its bullox.
  3. New Springs on the way.

    Have any of you guys braved this one ? Looks frightening to touch the rear springs I think I already had a nightmare there is a place that rents lifts and impact tools in town. Might be worth a shot anybody who has successfully changed these Id appreciate for safety Ive heard springs can kill you.
  4. Rendezvous running perfect right now.

    Rendezvous joy in my heart. :D Crap I done to it in the past year. New rear brake shoes rotors were perfect, New rear Monroe struts cleaned the ride up still needs one new spring. Fixed ABS/AWD cable. Changed oil three times. Added some transmission fluid, Changed all wiper blades big...
  5. Crisis Averted

    2002 rendezvous pulled a code P 0303 misfire in cylinder three. Symptoms lack of power rumbling at idle and a soft weak accelleration about 10 percent of the time. Engine stalled once during normal driving slight drop in fuel mileage over course of a week. Possible solutions new spark plug...
  6. Inconsistent heater issues.

    Hi I have had my Rendezvous for a couple years lately it has been giving me some not so fum heater issues. The coolant leaks I assume from the head gasket stopped most of it with pepper of all things and it worked good for a while then the weather changed. The weather got real hot then real...
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