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  1. Tour X windshield replacement

    I was able to get OEM replacement of mine in about a week. No recalibration required (but was warned by body shop it might be required).
  2. Tour X windshield replacement

    I was able to get OEM replacement of mine in about a week. No recalibration required (but was warned by body shop it might be required).
  3. High 80's day + black car = weak AC performance

    Air comes out cold. I just think the blower is undersized. Car is freezing at night or after a long drive, it just takes a long time to get there if the car is hot and it’s sunny out. Pretty sure they used the same blower motor for Sportback and Toit’s even though there is a lot more cubic...
  4. Buick Regal TourX

    Loved my wife’s TourX so much I got car envy and bought a matching one for myself. We came from an Enclave (her’s) and LaCrosse (mine) and could not be happier.
  5. CAR completely DEAD ?

    When I bought my second TourX, it had been on the dealers lot for a year and was dead as a door nail. New battery and no problems since. I keep an Enclave at a second home and learned the hard way that it can only go a couple of months sitting before it’s dead. FYI: it’s a PITA to change...
  6. TourX Wireless Charger

    do people have issues with gas tanks being messed with? This is my first car with a locking gas cap and can’t say I really care all that much.
  7. TourX Wireless Charger

    they upgraded the charger in MY2019. For 2018 MY you have to upgrade (On your dime) the charger to make it compatible with Apple devices. I did and it works fine,
  8. TourX Wireless Charger

    FYI it won’t work with a newer iPhone either unless you upgrade the charger. Didn’t work with iPhone XS until I upgraded the charging unit. There are two standards and Apple and GM picked different ones originally.
  9. First Aid Kit in tailgate?

    this one works. Enjoy your new car!
  10. So much road noise

    For what it is worth, I have one TourX with the Contisilent tire and one without and I can’t tell the difference at all.
  11. ALL WHEEL DRIVE OFF message.... HELP!!

    I had this happen once. Lost AWD, Traction Control, and Anti-lock brakes. Next drive threw same error. Never a problem again after that
  12. TourX Wireless Charger

    I have the iPhone XS and it works with my 2018 TourX converted with the retrofit kit. the iPhone 11 is only a touch bigger, so I think it will fit.
  13. Armrest Organizer

    Worth every penny! These are great! Thanks again for making them.
  14. Keeping New TourX off Salt Until Undercoated-Need Car Hauler

    Of course, your mileage will vary, but the 2000 Ford Taurus that I rust proofed had rust in several places when I sold it in 2010. But, since it didn’t rust all the way thru the metal, no payment from the vendor. My 2009 Enclave which did not get extra treatment, I still have and no visible...
  15. Does the 2019 TourX have automatic high beam ?

    The lights on the Essence are so bright I hardly ever use the high beams.
  16. Fate of the 2020 or Even ‘21 TourX?

    Bumper to Bumper moving from 4/50 to 3/36 and a few other changes as well.
  17. Do emergency responders have access to your home?

    If you have an old opener, there are plenty of devices that interfere and open. If you have a newer one, pretty unlikely.
  18. TourX Wireless Charger

    there is a retrofit kit from GM if you have the 2018 charger that doesnt work with iPhones. I just paid $330 for the dealer to install. Waiting to get the car back. I think the kit is only like $125 if you want to do it yourself.
  19. Good Dealership in Chicagoland NW Indiana to Buy A TourX?

    I think orders for 2020 are already closed. A dealer who wants your business will trade for it, but difficult to find one of those. Use Auto Trader to find the car you want and then negotiate. I have used a few Buick dealers in the area: -Zeigler: would not use again. Terrible sales...
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