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  1. Remote start AC

    I take a commuter train and always start my car two stops ahead of time. With my LaCrosse, typically the ten minutes would result in a cold car except 100 degree days. On those days, three stops early and two cycles would make it plenty cold. I have found with the TourX that I just can’t get...
  2. Kick light and remote memory seats

    I’ve been noticing two issues with my TourX and wondering if anyone has seen them: Kick light stays on: my cars has been parked for hours in the garage. Keys are in the house. Went in the garage to take garbage out and the Buick light was shining. You couldn’t kick it open, but I do worry...
  3. Canvasback

    FYI: the canvasback covers are available now. I had them for my Enclave and excited to get them for my TourX. Buick Regal TourX Cargo Liners |
  4. ACC sensors?

    Anyone know if there are ACC sensors inside the car? We broke in the wife’s TourX today. Everything other than the windshield looks OK but I noticed ACC is now always temporarily unavailable. I’m thinking there must be a sensor inside that is confused by the shattered glass. Still not...
  5. Oh Buick, you try so hard

    Surprised today by a little gift from Buick. Too bad it came postage due! Plus, I really wonder how much TourX drivers go camping . . . Also odd that I received it for the TourX purchase February but not the one purchased in December. .
  6. Anyone know when they switched to ContiSilent tires?

    2018 TourX with 12/17 build date so I am thinking it might not have the ContiSilent tires as the early builds didn’t. Anyone know a way to figure out if it does?
  7. Remote battery terminals and battery maintainer

    Our 2009 Enclave has been replaced with a TourX and is now being moved to a location where it may go weeks or months without being driven. With that in mind, I plan to put a NOCO battery maintainer on it. With the battery nicely hidden in the floor, hooking it up directly to the battery will...
  8. First Aid Kit in tailgate?

    Anyone figure out what first aid kit fits nicely in the rear tailgate spot? The US GM ones don’t appear to be the right size, but I think the same part number if I buy in the UK might fit. Vauxhall Insignia (2008-) First Aid Kit - INS-93199417 While I wait for part confirmation and shipping...
  9. Wireless Charging

    One of the items I thought I gave up with buying a 2018 TourX instead of a 2019 was wireless charging with my iPhone XS. iPhone 8, iPhone X Wireless Charging Feature Only Works With A Few 2018 And Newer GM Models But, I ran across this article today that seems to imply a $60 part and 10...
  10. Infotainment Apps

    I purchased a 2018 TourX Essence this weekend. Really happy with the car so far. My only issue is with downloading apps to the Infotainment System. The car was a demo, so I did a factory reset on the system before I started setting it up. Everything works except when I go into the Apps...
  11. NW Chicago suburbs Body Shop

    I got stuck in a hail storm last night and ended up with a fair amount of damage to my 2011 Red Jewel LaCrosse. I have insurance with OEM coverage, but I understand that color can be a challenge to repair. Any referrals for a great body shop in the Chicago Northwest suburbs? Thanks
  12. Strange Issues

    So, a couple of weeks ago, on two or three short occasions the "service AFL" message came on the DIC quickly. Dealer couldn't replicate, but saw a TSB that seemed similar, so they updated the software. Last night, the "Service AFL" message came on and stayed on. I called On Star and they...
  13. Ambient Lighting upgrade

    Anyone install the additional Ambient Lighting upgrade kit (Footwell and Cupholder Lighting Kit)? I like the blue light as was thinking about adding this kit but wanted to hear opinions about it.
  14. Bluetooth Interference?

    I have a Samsung Focus Windows 7 phone paired with my CXS/Nav. It seems like there is interference with the Bluetooth as my sound quality is never has good as the OnStar hands-free minutes. Sometimes the noise is so loud that it make the car sound to the listener as if there is a ton of...
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