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  1. Driver side mirror return

    2017 Lacrosse. Driver side ouside mirror does not always return to normal driving position when shifting from reverse to drive. (Stays tilted down in reverse position.) Anyone run into this?
  2. 2017 Infotainment System Cell Phone Charging Slot

    Question: Does the lightning bold (by the phone icon) remain on while a cell phone is in the slot, or is it supposed to go off after a few seconds?
  3. Bye to all

    My '04 LeSabre is now gone, replaced by a '17 LaCrosse. Thanks to all for their help addressing issues over the years. FWIW I've listed my Factory Service Manuals on E-bay. Is the LaCrosse better than the LeSabre - in many respects yes, and in some others no.
  4. 2015 CD Player

    2017 CD Player The 2017 LaCrosse does not offer a built-in CD player. What are folks using for things like talking books on CD?
  5. ABS/traction/Stability light issue

    The ABS, Traction Control off, and Service Stability are lit after starting to move. I Get a C1222 & 1226 codes (RF wheel zero speed/erratic). The wheel sensor measures OK (both ohms and A/C output when wheel spins) at both the hub connector, and at the EBCM connector so the hub and wiring...
  6. Best ICM?

    I think I need a new Ignition Control Module for my '04 LTD. It looks like the cyl 2/5 section is dead. That brands have folks found to be good or bad? Delphi A/C Delco Auto Zone's Duralast? Advance Autopart's Carquest by BWD? Driveworks? Other? Napa's brands
  7. Hub tale of woe

    Replaced my front hubs with MOOGs in January 2014. In August 2014 at annual safety inspection the inspector said the was some play in the right side, but the garage owner said it were OK. At the October 2015 safety inspection the garage owner said the right hub was shot (it was a lot of play!)...
  8. Passenger side door mirror replacement

    I need to replace the passenger door mirror on my father's 2011 Lucerne CXL. I have a replacement assembly with the needed DR2 and A45 options codes. Does the inside door panel need to be removed to reach the connectors, or is is sufficient to just remove the small inside cover that is over...
  9. Parasitic Battery Drain

    Every so often questions come up regarding parasitic battery drain. The following is from a TSB applicable to 2005 and earlier models. This is of course for a car in factory original condition and does not account for after market mods. "The recommendation for maximum parasitic drain is around...
  10. Water pump replacement

    Looks like mine is going at 140K miles. Lots of play when I pull on the pump pulley, and a bit ow coolant driping from what appears to be behind the pulley. (Its not a leak from the bypass elbows.) If you have replaced one, how long did your original last?
  11. Front hub bearing wear check

    I can feel no play when trying to "rock" the front wheels with a grip at 3-9, but can feed some play with a grip at 6-12. No play at all with the rear wheels. Car has 140K miles. Wouldn't bearign wear show play with the 3-9 grip - or is this likely something else?
  12. A/C Compressor symptoms

    2004 Limited. Symptoms (at 2000 rpm, air temp about 100) no cooling. A/C Compressor shaft turns. low side pressure - 120 psi High side pressure - 145 psi Will not draw R134a from a can. Engine off system pressure is about 140 both sides. Any thoughts?
  13. Crossover reinstallation

    The DORMAM replacement cross pipe over comes with two gaskets, but the FEL-PRO replacement gasket infor says the 2004 Lesabre need only one gasket. Anyone know which is really on the vehicle? TIA
  14. Impending LIM Gasket Failure.

    This is what the OEM plastic LIM Gasket (from a 2004 Limited) looks like after 135K miles. You will note the failed plastic at the sides of this port, especially on the left, and it was only a matter of a bit of a bit more time before it would start to leak coolant. I think I am lucky that I...
  15. Dorman UIM Question

    The new Dorman UIM I received from RockAuto has an issue. The end towers (plastic) on the plenum insert are a bit warped so they do not naturally line-up with the gasket when in the plenum. They are off by about 1/8 inch and likely will cause an issue when trying to mount to the LIM. Any...
  16. LIM bolt question

    At one line the FSM states that the LIM bolts shoud be installed with GM part number 12345493 on the threads. A couple lines later it states to use GM part number 12345739 on the threads. One is a Loctite 272 thread locker equivalent. The other is a high temperature sealant (e.g., RTV 598...
  17. Redesigned Intake manifold

    FWIW: The TSB covering the Redesigned Upper Intake Manifold and gaskets came out in May 2004 and covered model years up to 2004. It does not show up as being updated to cover the 2005 model year. Nothing on the lower intake manifold (LIM) gaskets that some report having problems. However...
  18. Rear Shocks Note - 2004 Limited

    For information: The car has 132K miles On a recent road trip noticed some vibration and a fluttry low frequency noise at Interstate speeds. When I got home, rotated tires, noted the RR had some slight cupping on the outside edge of the tread. The lower part of the RR shock was damp (but not...
  19. Tranny problem - not

    Just to share an issue and solution I had on a 2004 Limited, 126K miles. It felt like the tranny started to shift oddly, as when under steady speed and constant load - like it was shifting from 4-3 and 3-4 ocacsionally without reason. A few time the engine would stall when coming to a stop...
  20. P1811 and harsh shifts

    Symptom was ocasional harsh shifts and a stored P1811 code, caused by slow 1-2 shifts. Installed a TransGo shift kit in the 1-2 and 2-3 accumulators. Accessed from underneath during a filter change. Took about 2 hours at a leasurely pace. Initial impression is that it solved the problem...
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