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  1. HowY

    Turn it UP!

    Just the head’s programming “45” is “10” but why not 50 ? Tis an oddity. Planet Audio AC600.2 Anarchy Series Class-AB 2-Channel 2-Ohm Stable Amplifier I’d offer just a small 2 channel amplifier (no affiliation) 5-800 watts ... just to power the rear doors .... (Front has chimes and phone -...
  2. HowY

    2013 Encore Radio/Display Failure

    Audioholic?! A pair of 6x? drivers and a 10" sub is a mandatory minimum install for ANY audio system. To pose such a question exposes the wide and vast chasm between us my good man For sonic joy comes not 'thru bluetooth cellphone and earbud but by copius current into large diameter voice...
  3. HowY

    2013 Encore Radio/Display Failure

    Emmett... As promised a quick pic or two (Still wiring up the new amp) Get to it sooner or later!
  4. HowY

    2013 Encore Radio/Display Failure

    Preface: EE with a few years developing automotive systems for the physically impaired (read wheel chair / quad van mobility conversions ) as well as several years installing ‘hi tech’ steering and control systems. Radio is just fun I’ve a complete document on the encore with diagrams and all...
  5. HowY

    2013 Encore Radio/Display Failure

    This is exactly why I advise against audio upgrades on this vehicle Bad “conductive bolt” grounds - random boots and deaths The cars basic audio system is just a fail
  6. HowY

    Spare tire subwoofer?

    It’s the ANS amp The head has a low level sub you can trap Amp it to a driver it has signal After the ANS amp its signal is munged The front/rear L/R does not carry signal below 1200hz Any decent digital amp will do but crutchfield is a hard pa$$ Better gear and help elsewhere Good luck :-)
  7. HowY

    Buick Encore Car Audio Questions

    Yes adapters required 140amp alt ...
  8. HowY

    Battery dies, radio goes in and out

    (-: it’s a fine FINE head unit and stereo sound ... if you grew up on earbudz .... and dont mind the modern ‘glitches’ Welcome to the Forum!
  9. HowY

    Cold Weather Ready?

    Reading thru a LOT of the TSB's and other operational info... Just a suggestion - if you are in the northerly reaches consider changing to the "cold climate" ie: 'Canadian' quality of Power Steering Fluid... Plenty of reading on cold weather pump / hose outcomes down to just the wrong fluid...
  10. HowY

    Date resetting

    Trying to tie up some intellink issues with the system poping or quietly going silent during playback. seems to be a power / wiring fault tho' some here have chased around new head units to try to fix. the last three mornings the date has been wrong at first it reset to 2012 where this morning...
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